Having extreme lower back pain for 8 years? why do mri's keep coming back normal?



  • rezzrrezz brooklynPosts: 3

    I’m back and now my neurologist is suggesting a 3rd MRI. I can’t believe this. they are doing a MRI on my lower back and this time they are doing it on my pelvis too. I’m frustrated cause I don’t know what to do. One medical doctor at my hospital suggest it could be back spasms or muscle pain but who has muscle pain for 10 years? I asked if they have any other tests for lower back pain My neurologist said that the MRI is the best test for the back so that’s why they doing it again being that I told them that the pain is getting worse. I had a MRI in 2011 and 2016 and it found nothing.

    My lower back hurts the most when I sit. The longer I sit the more it hurts. I can’t lay on my side either because of the back pain. Can’t even hold my girlfriend at night cause I can’t lay on my side anymore without extreme lower back. Also hurts when I lay on my back too. The most pain is when sitting. I’m 33 years old 

    I’m assuming this MRI that I’m gettiing this month will show nothing so my question is what is the next step after this. Can I request them to do any other tests? I just don’t know where I go from here

    Pa N. 

  • I been having back pain since i was 18. I am now 53! Last 10 years it has gotten worse. The last year it has gotten worse more!

    Had MRI too. Showed bulging disc/s, nerve pinched and prolapse disc.

    Spine centre said no surgery. They referring me to pain management, 6 months wait!

    My doctor not happy with spine centre so is referring me to a spinal surgeon. I get pain when standing.

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  • Hi, 'all normal' is vague, do you have the specifics of the MRI report? My doctor said my MRI was normal despite there being a degenerative disc with slight bulging and evidence of a radial annular tear.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this! Have you tried getting a CT Scan? Or maybe a contrast MRI? This will give doctors a better idea of what's happening. Also, I would suggest you visit other doctors, a chiropractor, a pain management specialist, or just another opinion. If you feel like something is wrong, keep looking until you get a definitive answer.

    Good luck! 

  • rezzrrezz brooklynPosts: 3

    I had 3 MRI’s. The 2nd one was with contrast. I just recently had a MRI last week and the results was normal again. I have no idea where to go from here. The neurologist said he thinks the weakness in my left leg doesn’t have nothing to do with my lower back pain. He thinks I should get physical therapy for my left leg. I think that’s dumb because I know the left leg weakness is connected to my lower back pain. I have no idea what to do now. 10 years of lower back pain and now 3 normal MRI’s. Can anyone give me any ideas on what my next step should be? 

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  • I’d ask for a bone scan and CT scan. I’ve had MRIs with nothing showing but the other scans showed it clearly. Good luck!!

  • Liz53Liz53 MissouriPosts: 55

    I am in the same situation! Very frustrating to have pain and be told your MRI is normal. This is the 3rd time in ( years for me! Classic radiculat pain in my leg, horrible at times. Sitting also makes mine worse. I think I need the CT to confirm where the problem is but haven’t asked yet. Meeting with a surgeon in a few weeks and trying to get by with ibuprofen! No fun!

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