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hydrocodone 10/325 X 3 taper advice please

my wife has cervical issues and has been taking hydrocodone 10/325 three times/day for the last 7-8 years.  She prefers to cut them in half and has always taken six 5mg tablets per day.  The major hospital system where her pain management office is located has decided to get out of the long term opiate prescribing business and will be issuing 30 day Rx on her next visit.  Her next visit will be in May for her last Rx...she fills one later this week from her previous visit (she goes every 2 months and they give two Rx with one being post dated).  So, starting soon , she should have no issue with enough pills to taper down.  She just wants to go ahead and get all the way off of them to see where she stands as she can always go to a different doctor in the future if necessary. 

With the new guidelines coming down in July in TN, it seems that more pain management doctors are shying away from prescribing due to the hassles and heavy abuse in our area.

on to the question...she takes 30mg per day total divided into six 5mg tablets... do y'all think that a week to 10 days reducing her intake by 5mg each interval be sufficient in keeping the withdrawal effects to a bearable minimum?  She works from home on the computer

thanks for any insight 




  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    I don't think anyone can answer this except your wife's doctor.
    Doctor is the very best to prescribe and guide the way the taper should occur.
    Doctor knows your wife and over all well being and takes all things into consideration.
    What may have been effective for one person may not be beneficial to another.
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  • understood Savage...but I do know that the practice is giving everyone a one month Rx at their last appointment and telling anyone that if they're having severe enough withdrawal symptoms to "go to the nearest ER" it seems that they're assuming one month is enough time which I know, from previous experience, is no fun.  But, it's obviously her decision to not seek out another provider at the same time as most will (and I'm assuming they're thinking most will)

    I'm sure she'll be getting directions from her provider

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  • In a word NO. IMHO I have done it before and it has to be a very slow taper and is much better with a physician managing the taper so he can add meds to make her comfortable while she comes off.
  • thanks to both of y'all...she'll be discussing everything with her doctor at her next appt 
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