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L5/S1Discectomy Post Op 6 week update

BrendenBrenden Kalamazoo, Michigan, USAPosts: 10
So I am officially 6 weeks post op today from my L5/S1 discectomy to remove disc material that was compressing a nerve root causing severe sciatic pain. I thought I would share my progress with everyone and get some input from others. 

My pain level is noticeably diminishing. My core is getting stronger and the muscle spasms are starting to get less frequent and my back is less stiff than it has been since the surgery. I've noticed that rolling over in bed, getting up from laying or sitting, and doing everyday things is getting easier and easier. I have also been walking a mile everyday outside. It helps quite a bit. My nerve pain comes and goes still but no where near the level it was before surgery. The last few days I have noticed it popping up a little more frequently, however, and it has me a little paranoid. It is most noticeable when I am sitting and if I try to extend my left leg outward. That is when I feel the sensation run up my thigh into my hip, but it does not linger. It is no longer ambient pain, it's more of a reactive pain. That makes me think it may just be 'healing pain'. Does/has anyone else have this sort of recurrence of pain while recovering? It seems to kind of flare up for a few days then go away. 

I had my 6 week check up with my surgeon on 2 days ago. I was hoping he would tell me that I can go back to work. Not so much. He didn't feel comfortable with me going back just yet due to my profession (Correctional Officer) and wants me to do 4 weeks of PT first. I am kind of discouraged because I am starting to go crazy being off of work. I will do what the doctor ordered though. He didn't seem too concerned with any of the symptoms I am having, so that was kind of encouraging. So, I start PT this Monday and I have my next  post op appointment on June 1. 

Overall, I am getting more confident that the surgery worked, and that I am almost out of the woods and back to normal (fingers crossed).

Any input or sharing is welcomed and greatly appreciated!


  • Hi brenden I'm 2weeks post op l4-l5 microdisectomy after surgery I woke up in more pain than pre op and was extremely concerned after about 3-4 days I started to feel a lot better since then I've had my up days and down days but none are worse than pre-op, I too completely understand the paranoid feeling walking on egg shells about re-herniating my disc or other discs since not only one but 3 are degenerated so I'm constantly worried on bad days. I found and learned from this site and others that MOST importantly to be patient nerves can take forever to heal and everybody is different. I would only recommend to follow dr orders on post op activities and to be extra careful you know your body better than anybody so try not to push urself to much I walk everyday and as soon as I feel pain I stop.  Right now I'm not feeling any sciatic pain which is amazing considered I was bedridden for 2 months not even able to get any relief. Only concerns are the tightness and small amounts of pain I get in my lower back that is new but I'm assuming it's all normal have my first post op apt in a week I'll diff bring it up but I'm sure the doc will say it's normal. Keep your head up and try to remember life's to short enjoy every second GOD BLESS us all who have had to endure this type of pain. 
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