Sleep Over turned Bad

I have waited two months for my sleep study and finally it was here yeah! So bear with me it is a funny story if you look at it right.
I packed my little bag with my new pretty pajamas, treats etc. plus got my laptop, reading material planned on a nice night away from it all how bad could it get.
Of course hubby did not offer to take me and pick me up that is another story. I parked which was a distant from the door in the dark but I got all my goodies together and through the rain headed for the door. Rang the bell looking down this long hall way telling myself as my body wanted to pound on the door from pain I can do this. Here she comes looking like a evil looking girl who looked like she wanted and could throw me up against the wall in a heart beat. So no offer to help me with all my goodies off she goes down this long dark hall way around a corner with me several steps behind trying to keep my balance all the time. I turned the corner there she is waiting for me at a door with her arm pointing to the room no comment.
Hooray I am there but the room left something to be desired reminded me of those motel rooms in scary or truck driver movies. The bed I was not about to look under it and the room decor was from the 60's a bad design. She turned on the lamp and wished she would have left it off the reflections on the badly needed paint walls only made it worse. I nicely asked her "I requested four times when making my apt. to have a recliner since i cannot lay flat due to my back". She give me that look and no comment out the door she went. I hear this dragging noise well my mind raced is she dragging the previous person down the hall out to the parking lot cause they asked a question Ha Ha. 
Here she comes with a old recliner that when you lay on it the back would not lay clear back and the foot rest hit my cafe causing too much pressure making it fold. It felt like any minute I was going to be catapulted any minute across the room. I told her nicely that I would have had to re-schedule if I had to sleep on the bed. 
I set down and she attached all the leads to my head and body saying "you cannot move or it will cancel it all". No I won't ask for another blanket I will use my robe to keep me warm. She said "if you need to go to the bathroom wave your arms at the camera and I hope you don't have to much, cause we will need to disconnect you each time". I told her "if I need to go I need to go and I also need to get up and walk around at times due to my back". I swear I saw her smile evil and as she starts to leave the room I asked "where is the remote to the TV? Response " we only have one and I will need to take that from the old guy in the next room and when you have picked a channel I will have to give it back to him". I wanted to scream "are you sh--- me" but I picked out a channel that ended up being kids shows all night. 
So after a night of hell come 4am I was waving madly at that camera like a maniac. She comes screaming in "what?" Well can I go and she replies " well I will have to check the info and has me do all these physical tests". 
It seemed an eternity but finally after her ripping those leads out of my hair and off my skin I was gone out the door. No farewell and no help out the door. 
The rain felt so good I could breath and in my truck I look in the rear view mirror and "oh no what is that oozing out of my face?". It was the glue stuff they use but what a scare that was Ha Ha. I got home and took a shower noticing how my skin burned then looking in the mirror I had blisters where there was a lead placed. I called the office left a message wanting to know what they were from and any advice on calming the burn. Well no surprise no call back and I could have been super mad at the whole thing but I am just glad to have it over waited so long to get it done. I have to admit I was upset but got thinking it is funny that I planned a sleep over to get away and then could not wait to get home. 
So I was thinking what should I call my short movie? I am just kidding and I love my house and couch yeah!!!
Sorry long story but I thought it would be make you smile and hopefully your experience if you have one at a sleep study will be like a nice sleep over.
Take care Sherri
PS Forgive my grammar I swear I have forgot where to stop and start my paragraphs etc.



  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266
    Was that place on Elm Street? Sounds like a real nightmare!!! 

    I'm not sure what I'd call that whole scene, but I think it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz....winding up in an off beat place, the wicked witch, and then the best part, wanting to go home so bad, and everything seems so great once you're back to the place you thought you wanted to get away from.
  • Lol
    I had slept a whole 7hours out of 12..
    And they said congrats..
    I was watching the big ol roach on the wall
    No way

    NO WAY! Was he gonna get the jump on me
    Turns out two things
    Wasnt a roach.
    And meditative relaxed vigilant state a flat line....
    Took days to get the wax out of my hair.
    And many beard strokes when i told doc to look at my eyes during the study.
    Many blinkys no?

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  • Hi William
    Thanks for the giving me a smile. Sounds like more than one of us has had some not so cool sleep overs (sleep study). I will take my experience with the grumpy (should not be doing sleep studies not her calling) lady verses yours with the non-existent cock roach yuck!
    I loved the question on the evaluation sheet "Was the study explained to you in detail by your Doctor" hardly.
    I have a follow up with her on Thursday and am going to tell her of my experience just the things that I feel were unacceptable. 
  • Ron
    I was pretty disappointing to say the least but really I have laughed about it especially thinking I was going to have a night out Ha Ha. You know I did make it clear how hard it was going to be for me to be there where I get up every 3 to 4 hrs a night to walk around and I had to sleep in a reclined position. It was funny I am tall and my feet stuck out over the foot rest I had to watch it or get launched across the room. Anyway tomorrow I have an apt. to discuss the results with the doctor I tried to get the results over the phone but Medicare requires you to meet with the doctor is what the nurse said. I do plan on discussing the night with the doctor so that others are more comfortable.
    That really surprises me that they have a kit to do it at home because I sure made it clear how hard it was going to be on me Hummm. 
    Gee a hotel room that was what I was expecting but this was a old building and scary as heck and I am pretty tough. 
    But I got through it and am glad it is done yeah.
    Thanks as always with the reply and information maybe next time I will get that nice sleepover :)
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