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Has anyone had a mri that you had to have an epidural that fills your spine with contrast so they can see everything in your spine I'm having that done for my cyst I have on my thoratic spine they are supposed to see how the cyst is entwined with my spine. Been worried about how it's going to feel and how it's going to go and what they will find been a busy month for me finding out things. But I am happy to figure out what is causing all the pain


  • I had IV contrast MRI last week. I know people who have had the epidural version with two different methods of delivery. If they numb the injection site, it isn't so bad.  If not, you won't like it much for a minute but then it will be over.
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    OK thank you
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  • I have had two contrast MRI but both with an IV contrast.  They struggled to get a vein on the second imaging.  Five attempts later and three different areas of my body to image took a long time, so it took its toll on me.

    However, the staff were great and even loaned me a shoulder to hang onto afterwards to get my shoes back on! No handles to hang onto and I had to leave my stick outside the door

    good luck and let us know about your experience
  • lachance90lachance90 MissouriPosts: 38
    Well had my ct scan with contrast it hurt when they were trying to move the contrast all around in my spine by leaning me back and leaning me all the forward. 
    The test itself was not bad it was about an hour after I got home that I started having an excruciating headache/migraine it started from 1100 am to about 815 pm my husband had to stay home from work I couldn't walk straight between the pressure in my head and the dizziness.
    I think I finally sweated out the contrast I woke up drenched in sweat but my head felt tons of better.
    I won't know my results till they tell me when my Dr appointment is I always hate the hurry up and wait times. 
  • lachance90lachance90 MissouriPosts: 38
    Had a spinal headache had to do a blood patch which consist of them taking blood out of me and putting it into my spine worst headache migraine ever
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  • Lachance90, same thing happened to me after my mylegram. The ER was awful! Really want to know how you are and your current status. 

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