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what pt to start at 3 weeks

So I am 3 weeks out from my microdisectomy at l5/s1.  I am doing well.  Walking, stairs, getting up and down from bed.  

My doctor oked me for physical therapy.  I went back to the same person I had before surgery.

He immediately went into a lot of stretching exercises that involved twisting.  I expressed my concern about the disc and letting the scar tissue heal correctly.  I thought blt was supposed to be avoided for more then 3 weeks.

I cut the session short after doing a few twisting motions.  I didn't let my trunk turn too much.  He wanted me to lay on my back and bend my knees left and right until it hurt.   Another was to stand up and bend over to see how far I could go to reach my toes in front and left and right by stretching my arms down my side.   He kept saying I had to start mobilizing these areas but I didn't want to.  Stretching until I hurt tells me only muscle info and nothing about how much is too much for the disc.

I called my doctor and she said that yes I should be limiting my twisting and bending and maybe only do one repition.  She had no real advice on what pt to do and said I should just find a pt I was conformable with.

I was curious what everyone else's experience with pt after 3 or more weeks.  Is twisting not under load like on my back good for disc hydration?



  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 995
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    No way should you be doing the twisting and bending stuff!!!  I agree with your doctor ... get a new PT.     Any kind of PT at only 3 weeks should be very limited.   Actually walking is the best PT you can do at your early stages.  It will help rebuild your back and core muscles.  Making it a daily routine for 30-45 mintues will do wonders for your recovery.   

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  • RacinredRRacinred United StatesPosts: 45
    I am not a doctor, nor had this type spine surgery. I just do not see this being right for PT with that much twisting 3 weeks out! . My question for the  doctors nurse is who do you refer your patients to instead of who i feel comfortable with. That is my 2 cents worth and i wish you all he luck in the world! 
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  • I am two weeks and went to Physio yesterday, she gave me four exercises to do three times a day.

    1.  Lie down, knees bent, clench pelvic floors and stomach in, raise pelvis up and roll back down the spine slowly from top to bottom, keeping everything clenched and tucked in.

    2 lie on floor knees bent, bring your knee up to chest or as far as you can under control, hug it gently, release it and control it slowly back down.

    3. Stand feet apart tuck chin onto chest and roll down (keep breathing) your body a little way, rolling your spine, until your hands touch your knees, or as near as you can without hurting (this worried me, but it is important to mobilise the spine and remind the muscles and nerves they can do this). Don't bend, roll gently.

    4. Lie down, knees bent, hands beside ears,  eyes looking up behind i.e don't bend your neck.  Tuck your tummy in and lift up, keeping straight, as if going to do a sit up, don't do a sit up, just bring your upper half up keeping straight.

    finally a couple of short walks, but listen to your body, don't overdo it.

    i have to say my scar is healed, so not worried about it pulling,   My Physio knows me and my back well, I trust her completely, she is also a specialist in this field.    Nothing I did hurt, but my stomach muscles let me know it today!

    I think you need a new Physio too!

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