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ALIF - Activity Level 4 weeks Post-Op

I'm so anxious to hear what others are doing during an entire 24hr. period at anywhere 4 to 6 weeks post-op from ALIF surgery.  I feel confused and unsure of myself having no actual guidelines for this period.  I am still laying down a lot. I do my PT exercises at least once a day, pelvic tilts, glute squeezes, leg extensions etc.  But this doesn't even take 20-30 minutes.  I get out of bed and walk around the house frequently but not for long periods of time max 10 mins at a time.  I sit max 15 mins at a time.  I tried sitting through my daughter's 13th birthday dinner for about 45mins to 1hr but was very sore after.  My mobility is good, but I do have some pain at the fusion site. I just stop when it's painful and lay down again.  I am asking what are others doing based on their pain limits.  If you have lots of pain are you laying down?  If you are not having lots of pain, are you walking a lot during the day, sitting, or still laying down a lot?  I worked so hard with the information about the first 2 weeks post-op that I am confused now and wondering if I am laying down way too much.  The one think I cannot do due to pain is sit propped up in bed, too much pushing on the fusion site.  I will be so grateful for any insights and experience people might share.

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    An ALIF if a BIG surgery and 4 weeks post-op is still early days for most people.  The struggles you are going through with sitting, standing, walking are all very familiar sounding based on my experiences.  I also struggled with the same things and would often retreat to the bed to get relief.  Laying down a lot is perfectly ok in my view.    As time went on doing the difficult things would slowly get less difficult but it took a longggg time to get back to "normal" and 4 weeks is NOT a long time.  It will likely be 3-6 months or even longer to get back to "normal" and laying on the bed a LOT until then is perfectly ok as long as you are doing your daily PT exercises and daily walking.   Sitting up in bed is NOT important... if you are more comfortable lying flat that is fine.  I also never did much sitting up in bed even though I had an adjustable bed because it just wasn't comfortable... and only after a number of months I was able to comfortably sit-up in my easy chair versus laying down. You said you walked around inside the house... do you have a daily outside walking routine??  How far..?? 

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