11 days Post Op Pain Med Question,

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im 11 days post op from a 2 level, L4-S1 open Laminectomy and Disectomy. I'm on Percocets 10-325, 1-2 tabs every 4 hours as needed for pain and Robaxan 750 every 6 hours. 
Until yesterday I was taking the 2 percocets every 4 hours but decided to try to cut back to 1 every 4 hours today. I'm definitely hurting more and feel like I need the 2 but I'm so worried about becoming dependent on opiates that I'm aprehensive to keep taking the 2. 
I have no substance abuse problems but have seen a friend and some family go down some bad roads with them. My husband is telling me I need to control the pain to heal and I shouldn't be worried about that right now. 
Just looking for some advice on how soon after surgery you were able to cut back on the meds. I know everyone is different though too. 


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    Your communications with your doctor should include any worries you have.
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  • Hello Jodie, I also went through same operation back in Feb. You are going to need to stay on the meds for at least 2 months because of the pain. Not sure if you have the rods and screws as I do in my back but as of today I am only on 5mg  of oxy Hcl and it's been hell with detox but you will get through it. I stopped taking the high dose at my 2 month mark and went through 7 days of detox. Hard but feel better pain is manageable but still there will be 3 months the 25th for me. Back brace comes off next Friday been walking around without it pretty much since the 6th of this month. But days like today with rain pain tends to be  a little more. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope you feel better.  
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  • jodieddieojjodieddieo Royal Oak, MIPosts: 16
    Hi Shadowgirl,
    thank you for your response! I do not have rods and screws. The dr says I'll most likely need a fusion in the future but said I'm too young to start that and is hoping this surgery will help me for at least 5 yrs...we'll see. 
    Well since my post I ran out of the Percocet and the dr refilled my RX with Norco instead. I guess they only give Percocet right after surgery then switch to Norco. It's the same strength but RX is written to take 1 every 4 hrs or 2 every 8 hrs for pain. I took the 2 last night and really needed more by hour 6. We'll see how today goes, I took the 2 again about 7:30 and I'm starting to hurt already. Hoping it levels out. I also have a horrible headache and I'm thinking its from the med change. 
    What kind of symptom did you have with the detox? 
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