Myelogram Pain Management

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I am scheduled for a CT Myelogram Lumbar Spine next week.  I have read that they can be extremely  painful.  I have 5-325 Percocet on hand.  Is there any reason I cannot take a few of them BEFORE the appointment?  I also currently take 60 mg Cymbalta.  The purpose of this test is because I have foot drop and leg numbness as a result of lumbar fusion on 03/03/16.


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    Re medicating yourself with  Percocet prior to procedure, it is best to discuss with doctor. As he knows all your issues
    and how the medications will react...and also if okay to take your cymbalta.

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  • For mine, I didn't take any meds before but was given them by the hospital afterwards. I had to stay at the hospital for a couple hours and then was discharged home. 
  • You should not take any medications before the myelogram unless you are specifically told to.
    Myelograms are a bit uncomfortable, but as long as you follow the instructions given to you, everything will be fine.
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