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Please wish me luck .

I'm still fighting for proper care 2nd opinion etc, after my grievance with my Health Plan was denied? The next step in CA. is a State Hearning or Independant Medical Review.
I would share this advice based on experience,
All I wanted was a socialworker to help me comunacate better &  navigator through or around the system to get needed care.
The next thing I knew, I was in an expiated Grivance. Guess who is at the bottom of the hill? Not hospital Admin not the specialist  and surgeons No , My Primary Doctor is at the bottom. He is was the best of the bunch. The Dr that accepted me a pain patient  not easy, after I lost the house and forced to move away from my support. The Dr stuck with me  through everything, taking advice from the rest but more like orders and brought it all even authorizing early pain pill prescriptions because he understands my lack of support to get rides. He authorized medical transport but I'm too far in the sticks for them too. When I was questioned about his care and saw his name on paperwork I felt real bad.
 If you're like me (have short term memory issues, vision issues, on medications, move slow?0,  have brain fog, live alone, do not have a support structure in place and so on don't try to deal with this side of the business. It's a race. By the time I found the starting line they were at the finish, 30 days went so fast. 
I had 6 months to prepare for the Independent Medical Review. 
They got a good size stack of evidence. I can not stress this enough Document Document Document, get your medical files ,one thing I'm contesting is an appoint that that was there on my computer one day and gone the next. Two years later they say I'm mistaken I was never scheduled, must be that brain fog. Well it just so happens I took a picture with my phone as an added reminder. take photos, a picture is worth a 1000 words fi just finished a YouTube video, When they call you on the phone to avoid documentation write down the facts immediatky follow up with an email recap. They either let your words stand or recant  in writing more documented proof 
It's sad that on top of our pain we need to protect ourselves. 
I'm feeling hopeful that some action will be taken.. I just wanted a social worker, but once in a fight don't hold back
I'm Scheduled for May 25th
I've waited so long  with this date in my mind as the day after rock bottom. A new beginning if nothing else at least financially. 
You all know how heavy it is to carry that weight on our shoulders.
It contributes to more than half of my stress and worry?  My SDI ended October 2014 
My medical information to this point Is documented  pretty well in my post. Everything from the cervical tumor to treatments ,medications, Epadurls Botox ect
i have to keep reminding myself stop worrying and forget about the previous denied /appeal. Keep it in your mind those were not denials!!! Those ere steps necessary to get to this point SOP. 
FYI I did not bother to think my attire would be an issue I use to dress business professional. 
All of my suit pants are 4 inches to small, 



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Hello Trublue!
    I certainly do wish you the best of luck!

    Taking a photo as added! What a good idea..and I would think at the time , you had no idea how important that would be.

    You are right about living with pain and so much medical care, the last thing you want is the burden or fight for maintaining some kind of roof over your head and proper nutrition. 

    Again, very best of luck to you!

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