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Bone Stimulatorsor

Hello everyone

I was wondering is it normal for a bone stimulator with Cervical fusions? I did not hear or know of such until reading on here. I was not ordered one. I am wondering if its a help or not. 
Thank you for any information. 


  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,194

    My understanding is that insurance companies don't like to provide them just because of a fusion surgery, but if you have a history of a failure to fuse it is more normal.  Of course if you are interested, then ask your surgeon.

    I had a discussion with an orthopedic surgeon friend of mine last week about the, and he felt that they do work to encourage bone growth.

    I will know more in a few weeks when I get my fist follow up x-ray since starting to use me bone growth stimulator.

  • RacinredRRacinred United StatesPosts: 42
    Thank you for the information! I had my first post op 2 weeks ago and go back in June. I will talk with him about it then! He told me my CT will be after this next check up right before my 3rd post op visit.... :) I feel the hardware its kinda weird. This is my first fusion so I am anxious to get back to softball, hiking, biking and LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for the response and GOOD LUCK!!!! 
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  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 593
    I had to wear the bone growth stimulator after my first neck surgery. After 8 months, I still wasn't fusing. I wore the stimulator for 4 hours everyday, but I still ended up having a second surgery to add more screws. 
  • RacinredRRacinred United StatesPosts: 42
    Thank you for the response! I pray i fuse i pray pray pray. This is my 2nd neck surgery in 2 years so what happens happens :) Thank you again for the response 
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