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Is PT necessary to prevent scar tissue on nerves?

Every time I do physical therapy it ends up in me being in pain. I am 7 months post ALIf of L5S1 and I just started physical therapy again after taking a few months off and now not only does my whole lower back hurt but now I get a warm feeling in my thigh that comes and goes.  Any ideas?  


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    First question....  Why after not having physical therapy for several months, you started in again?   Was something happening that caused your doctor to re-prescribe the physical therapy?

    The initial sessions (1 to 5, all varies per person and type) can cause more pain.  This is the time when you start to use or re-use an area in your body that was surgically addressed.   That is pretty normal.

    But to address your subject line, any PT I have had has involved stretching and other activities to help keep scar tissue pliable.  Nothing to do with nerves.   As far as I know, nerve healing just takes is natural slow course.
  • I went back PT basically to get some new stretches and to learn if there was something more I could be doing to strengthen my core.   I went on my own.  I called my doctor and he said to just take ibuprofren as needed.   I didn't think we could take ibuprofren?   I guess this could just be the nerve flaring up that is causing the warm feeling.  Thanks for the responses Dilauro and itsautonomic!  
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