What pain medication lasts?

Hello again Spine Health Friends.

I've got 5 level DDD, Facet Joint Degeneration, Osteoarthritis, limited mobility, and I've had two laminectomy surgeries, two discectomies....It's been about 6 1/2 years of non-stop chronic pain action!  I have been rejected for spinal fusion (3 level), and am ordered to, " give it more time and exercise". Anyone feel me so far?

I don't know how much longer I can handle waddling like an overweight duck around town, or not being able to lift, run, jump, or even stand up straight out of a chair, bed, ugh, I know everyone here must have been through this at some point. I am determined to continue the surgeons orders, and to swim swim swim, as it does usually give me relief and increased mobility for 1-3 days maximum. Sometimes, like right now, it's even too painful to get into the pool and do a few laps. That is where the pain meds (I guess some people call them rescue meds) come in handy, which is enough to get me to ignore the hell and go swim it off anyway. 

I'm in a position where I don't have a real problem getting pain medications. Doctors in Europe are not as anxious about prescribing if you're in legitimate long term pain and it's ruining your abilities to function. So, what's the problem? I was switched when I moved from the UK from Oramorph Oral Solution, to Oxycontin/Morphine Sulfate (ER tablets). How did that go? Well, the tablets make me sick every time. Furthermore, they only last about the same time as a regular dose of immediate acting morphine/here. My poor doctor thinks they last 12 hours, and oh no they don't!

As these are rescue meds, I only get prescriptions when I absolutely can't handle it anymore. I love having a clear mind, and pain pills just ruin all of that. However, emergencies are emergencies, and I know what works for me. Before Oramorph liquid  I was on every brand name Extended Release tablet for pain on the market. Opana, Kadian, Hydrocodone,  Percocet, Codiene, Fentanyl, the list goes on forever.

My question: Why is it easier for me to control my pain with a liquid solution? What is the difference, and why can't I just take ER morphine like normal people in pain. Is it really all that different? How do I ask my doctor for Oramorph Oral Solution without sounding like a jerk? I know I should be assertive, but I can't tell him his job. He really thinks Oxycontin is  a 12 hour cover, and OMG, I don't know how to break it to him that's it's a sham.  Does anyone else find Oxycontin says one thing on the box, and your experience is quite the opposite? 

Just looking for feedback. Ciao!


  • I take the morphine sulfate er too.  They never have lasted 12 hours but I have never complained.  I would rather get what little relief is offered than risk getting booted from the program.
  • Hiya Spinelessjellyfish,
      I have a brain herniation along with DDD, osteoarthritis & 5 level cervical fusion wuth hardware.
    I'm in the US & pain relief for chronic pain us being scrutinized 10 fold at the moment,being that's the case I'm like many NEGLECTED PAIN PATIENTS IN THE US.

    I've had to take:
    MsContin 60 every 12hrs 
    Hydrocodone 10mg up to 4 daily 

    These meds I've taken for 5-6 years and your correct they don't work 12 hours,they never have.
      My theory is that they work for 6-8 hours,then they simply aren't effective & the breakthrough meds have to be taken to cover the remaining time until the following 12 hour side time is ready.
     However I live in fear that I'll be even further criticized,so I can't complain without worrying I'll be dismissed as a patient.

      The liquid meds work instantly& provide immediate relief, so it's not only you who gets better relief from liquid meds.
      However because of people that abuse medication,tgus makes doctors rarely provide meds in liquid form.
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  • Broken1 
    I never got to try the liquid versions..but it sounds like a perfect breakthrough pain solution
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