On oxycodone 30 changing back to butrans

Hi everyone,so i was on butrans for years after symptom change and tests was taken off butrans and put on oxycodone 20 with top ups of 5mg oxycontin,after being upped to 30 and still not totally pain free have been told im to change in a month back to butrans,im really worried about the side effects of coming off this tablet,because if im late taking this dose ive had hot sweats legs pulling terribly and cant sleep for being so muscle tence ,i know ive got the patches to replace instead of doing without anything but just wondered if anyones done this transition i think ive got to build it up from 15 mcgs ,thanks for any advice


  • Your doctor has a table that they follow that will switch you to the correct dose of Butrans that equals what you are on now. So you shouldn't feel any bad effects...
  • This was really helpful info thankyou i was real worred about it 
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