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Hello, I'd really like some advice, I'm an active woman in my early 40's.  I've had continuous pain for past 4 months, although when I really think it's been going on for many years.  I often suffered with lower left back pain and always contributed this to my job as a nurse, I haven't done this for 3 years and the pain had improved.  I've had some scoliosis of the spine since I was a child and also was hit by a car when i was 8 but I don't fully know what happened.  In my 20's I started getting intermittent hip pain in my right hip and was told it was possibly period pains.  I've always just lived with it and took time off and pain killers for the lower back pain.  4 months ago however the pain became intense over 24 hours and I could hardly stand straight, it radiated into my hips and groin and was severe.  I went to the emergency room and was given a pelvic ct as there was also a swelling in my right groin.  They just diagnosed swollen lymph nodes and performed a biopsy a few weeks later as it didn't improve.  I was also referred to a spine specialist but he didn't examine me and sent me to a rheumatologist.  I had autoimmune bloods tests which were negative.  Almost 4 months later I'm living on pain killers which do very little to manage the pain, I was sent to an infection specialist despite the fact all my blood tests were negative except for raised ESR (so inflammation).  He finally has ordered an mri but of my lower pelvis as swelling and burning pain continue, I'm wandering whether I should be having the mir of my spine or hip joints.  Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice as I'm really suffering and not sure where to turn next.  The Doctor didn't really want to answer many questions but he did say he doesn't think this is linked to lymph nodes, he believes it is swollen tissue/ligaments.  Please help, thank you :)


  • First of all, why are you complaining about opiates? If it weren't for opiates alleviating my pain, I may have blown out my brains a year ago. Also, many docs treat patients like drug addicts these days(UNFAIRLY) because the DEA is screwing around with the paincare system.
    Furthermore, get the mri for as much area around there as possible. For me, the xray didn't show enough and the MRI revealed herniated disc's' and a bulging disc in my cervical spine 
  • Hi Myshell,
    Sorry for the abrupt response might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about getting an MRI of your spine and hips.
    Low back pain can cause a lot of the issues you mention, and it would be worth ruling in or out spine or hip problems.
    I am sorry you are hurting.

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  • Geezzz maybe we should read the discussions before going off about stuff. I'm sorry you had to read that myshell. I have pain in my lower back and also in my hips. Mine was attributed to my SI joints. The imaging on the pelvis should show any problems in this area. I would def talk to your doc about imaging on the lower spine as well...good luck! 
  • SooveritSooverit Finger Lakes region of NYPosts: 397
    Hi myshell,

    Sorry to hear of your pain :(

    I think your MRI will show your hips as well as si joint areas (I know this from my own). Thing is, they need to note that an examination of those areas needs to occur. 

    Could be any number of things. Such a complicated region of the body. I first thought of si joint problems, too. 

    Good luck with everything :)
  • Thank you all for your comments. I'm certainly not against pain medication of any kind, I'll try anything, lol. I just haven't had much relief from them so far. I'm pleased it's helpful for many people of course. 
    I saw a chiropractor recently and he said my lower spine was very compressed, pressing on the si joint. Also I have a severely tilted pelvis, the left is much higher, he was quite perplexed as said it's rare to be so out of alignment! Believes the hip pain is nerve pain and inflammation. Did some adjustment and wants me to return for 2 more treatments, to see if it improves.
    He thinks it might be from previous trauma, as I was hit by a car as a child. 
    Will still have the MRI requesting si joint area too and see how this goes. 
    Thanks again for advice 

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  • Hi Myshell, do you have radiating pain all the way down your leg or is it restricted to the hip or groin? I also agree that an MRI of your lumbar spine would be very helpful. You might need to get a second opinion from another spine specialist if you're not getting anywhere. It's really important to know before you see a chiropractor, especially if you have symptoms of nerve compression. How severe is the scoliosis? Hope things work out for you. 
  • Hello Meydey,
    Most of my pain is in the inguinal area and hips, burning and stabbing/throbbing daily, at its worst its a 10 and very tender to touch (every few days). Have lower back pain left side too and sometimes goes into my buttocks and tops of legs. 

    Very frustrated with orthopaedic Drs as say it's probably not an orthopaedic problem without examining me! 
    Chiropractor noticed the pelvis tilt (more than 1inch) on my ct scan and X-ray, not seen by dr. He did manipulate my spine and said pelvis is straighter now but tilt will probably return, pain hasn't improved, not sure whether to return for 2 more sessions... 

    Yes I think another spine specialist/orthopaedic dr is a wise plan following the ct scan. I'm also seeing a pain dr on Tuesday as I can't take it anymore. 
    Thank you for advice. 
  • That's good. Let us know how your appointment goes on Tuesday. Just be careful with chiropractors until you get diagnosed. I''m just saying that from my personal experience.I went to one years ago when my problems began and I brought my MRI films like they had requested. The chiropractor informed me he wasn't qualified to read them and suddenly started manipulating me, not knowing what was wrong. If I would have known what I do now, I would have never let him near me. I was in so much pain afterwards that my ex neanderthal husband wanted to go there and give him a taste of his own medicine. Anyway, if you're having nerve pain I would hold off until seeing a spine specialist or neurosurgeon. 
  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266
    Whenever I've had an MRI or image test, they always ask beforehand if I've received any kind of recent treatments of manipulation...thinking they would rather you'd be in your generally "normal" state.
  • Thank you all for your comments. I've been out of touch with this forum for a while. However, I had my mri which showed cystic fluid on top of my rt femur. The rheumy said this was chronic bursitis and referred me for physical therapy. The therapist suggested u/s injection as not sure of reason for 6 months + pain. He also offered the first treatment for free as he felt sorry for me I think!!
    Had injection in rt bursa today. He noted I have calcium deposits in both hips which he says can cause severe pain. He said I may need the injection where calcium is but starting with the bursa to see if it improves my pain first. 
    I still don't know the cause and currently still in a lot of pain but at least I'm getting somewhere I hope!
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