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  • @KShisha thanks for sharing your story- I am definitely looking to get a second opinion from a surgeon/ortho who will take me seriously. I am currently effected at C5 and C6 and my disc herniations are impinging my nerves severely. Hopefully I'll be able to find a doctor who wants to find a long term solution to my everyday pain! 

    Best of luck with everything 
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    I think I read somewhere that we aren't allowed to mention provider names in the posts, so I will message this info to you privately.  However, he is the head of the [edit].  He's a Harvard educated surgeon who has authored more than 180 research papers on cervical fusions.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  Believe it or not, he called and texted me MANY times before my surgery.  He knew I was very nervous and had a lot of mixed emotions going through this, and was extremely kind, patient and reassuring to me throughout the entire process.  As silly as this sounds, I asked him to review everything again just to be sure the diagnosis was correct and believe it or not, the next evening he called and told me he not only reviewed my images, but he included all the spine surgeons in the practice to review them with him just to reassure me that they were all in agreement with the diagnosis.  That, in my opinion, is top notch service!  Anyway, I'll message you his info.

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  • Hi Nicole sorry to hear about your pain and all of your efforts to improve your quality of life. I am 37 years old and 5 week post op for 3 level cervical disc surgery. 2 replacements and one fusion. I spent almost a year going thru all of the recommendions, dry needling, physical and manual therapy, medical massage, RFAs, epidurals and unfortunately once I realized the RFAs did not work, I did not have a choice but to move forward with surgery. I had set quality of life. I feel like I missed my youngest child's first 3 years of her life due to pain, etc.  I think age and medical advancements are on your side. Quite the opposite of your doctor's opinion. Get a second opinion if you can! Give yourself the opportunity to live again, you have lots of life left and you should not life your life in pain. You will miss out on so much. More than you realize. I know this doesn't help, go with your gut. I went win my gut, gave ,yield one year to work on therapy, injections, etc, and unfortunately, only made it through 10 months. I worked hard, gave it my best, not for me, but for my family as well as all loved ones that surround you suffer as well as they see the pain and misery you are going thru and feel helpless. I may be pushing myself a little bit more than I should, 3 level herniations are serious. You aren't too young to operate, perhaps your doctor is not comfortable operating, especially 3 levels. He or she will surely not send you to another practice. All docs have egos as they should. My surgeon was upfront with me as He also helped me explain my mother's issue with her doc. He doesn't want to operate by she is too 65!!  Wishing you all the best. 
  • Hi! I had my first spinal fusion when I was 14 and 4 years and four surgeries later I am going in for my last and final spine surgery. Surgery isn't easy but if you have tried all the options out there and it hasn't helped long term then surgery may be your next best option. Feel free to PM me and we can talk some more :)
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