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Piriformis injection, lots of pain after, is that normal?

Hi all, 32 year old female here. No memory of a trauma. Long history of back problems in my family. My sister has RA, I've been tested for it and am negative.

I had an injection to my SI joint a few months ago and experienced some relief but only for a week or so. The first couple days after the injection I was sore (other than the immediate relief of the numbing medication for the first several hours after the injection!). Yesterday I had an injection to my piriformis muscle. I should say both injections were done under fluoroscope and using the gold standard methods by my Dr at a spine clinic who is a physiatrist  I experienced some relief and a "spaghetti" leg right after, which is a good thing, but the next morning I am experiencing crazy pain (like a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10), and can hardly stand it. Seems much more so than the SI injection I had.

Have you ever had an injection to the piriformis? What was your experience like? 

Thank you for reading my story. Being bed ridden and in pain is breaking my heart. I have had SI problems for 8 months now, have been in PT for 5 months. Can barely work much less support any kind of social life. Thank the lord my job is flexible enough for me to work around this problem. My PT is great, but every time I go in, in crazy pain, she re-aligns me, I feel better and the blood rushing all around my leg and going to normal, but within a few hours or by the next day I am back where I started. She (the PT) is very frustrated because it doesn't make sense that I keep getting stuck. Yesterday my Dr. said to work on core strengthening more than stretching, but I really don't see that as a problem I have. SO frustrated. If in 2 weeks I don't experience relief from this injection, I have plans to consult with a different Dr. that is trained in the SI bone fusion and see what he or she thinks about my case. I can't stand the idea of living with this pain for 8 more months or the rest of my life. It's no quality of life whatsoever. 


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