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Severe Spinal Stenosis



  • My Mom (age 72) and widow of 8 months :( has been diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis. It started with severe
    sciatic pain, which was treated with cortisone shots-- first two did nothing.  They were about to refer her for surgery, when the third shot relieve the pain. What she has been left with is severe leg weakness, almost to the point of not being able to walk. She can walk, although barely, with a cane inside of the house, and with the cane and assistance when going outside. It is scary to see that her legs barely work. She cannot drive or leave the house without assistance, which is not good for the mental state of a widow.  She started physical therapy two weeks ago. It is so hard to imagine how physical therapy can help this.  Any advice or stories of hope?
  • Hi Olustee bus, yes indeed...the beautiful Coast of MS. 
    Well, its been 3 months since my L4-L5 back fusion & sciatica surgery. My back is doing .. Ok..., however; I am having extreme pain & swelling in my right foot. And the tendons feel as though they are way to tight and when I walk, my right foot almost feels as if its going to pop open. Its a horrible and painful feeling. Im currently taking Neurontin, Flexaril and Perks for these issues. I had a cat-scan last week and will go next week to my Surgeoun to find out the results from that. But my foot swelling and pain seems to be getting worse, not better. I go to PT usually 2-3 days a week,... they are wonderful....just doesnt seem to be helping very much. Im at a loss as to why I'm still having such problems after 3 months. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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  • Here i am... A little over a month later and have made a hugh turn for the worse. I am having severe pain and excruciating muscle spasms in my lower back. This started happening about 2 weeks ago. I call them "fits" that i go through. Causd i dont know what else to call them. When i have these "fits" it literally brings me to tears. Im going to pt. But have gotten to the point that i dont wanna go because it just hurts so bad. I have an appointment with my Nero surgeon this coming Friday to try to find out what is going on. 
  • That's extremely messed up that they can just call you in for a random pill count.  I would find a new doctor if they did that to me.
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