9 days post op c5c6 ACDF

Hi :) I am 47 . 12 years ago was in a major motor vehicle accident that caused multiple lifelong injuiries . I have suffered from cervical disc disease since . I tried every conservative treatment multiple
times . Was a frequent at my clinic and hosp with migraines stemming from neck pain. I have severe stenosis and several bulging discs . On 6/8 I was hospitalized with left sided weakness that I already struggled with but had gotten considerably
worse quickly with a migraine. Neuro surgeon decided to do surgery to remove the C5 disc that was compressed on my spinal cord . I am now 9 days post op and was wondering how typical it is to be still very miserable . No position is comfortable. I am doing my walking as per instructions. I use a cane d/t the weakness extends to my left leg which is made worse by neuropathy. There is a burning pain I cannot get relieved in my right shoulder . My incision is great and causes no discomfort . I am just really stiff and sore and feeling the burning pain in my shoulders. My left arm pain is improved and they said it may take up to 6 months to regain strength. I would like to know how others were feeling this far post op. I am pretty good with pain as I live with it daily am surprised this is making me so miserable still. Thanks for reading and any input ! 


  • Hi,
    I'm 12 days post op c5/6 fusion.

    My symptoms were not as bad as yours before surgery - so I don't know how easy it is to compare..., but I do have burning nerve pain in both arms  still (that I also had before surgery). Did you have the burning in your shoulders before surgery ? I'm a bit sore and stiff - particularly trying to get comfortable to sleep - but am off all painkillers except the nerve stuff I was on before surgery. 

    I think 9 (or 12) days is pretty early still - I'm supposed to be off work for 6 weeks... 

    There is a conversation on here called June Surgery Buddies - if you want to join that for support. 

    I hope you start feeling a bit more comfortable soon!
  • joymomof7joymomof7 South Dakota Posts: 3
    Thanks for replying and I will check out the June thread . No, I did not have this shoulder burning before . My neck pain was always at the base of my skull. So thankful that it is now gone ! Now if this new pain would subside !! 
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    hello joymomof7 !
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  • I am 5 weeks post op with similar symptoms. Many ER trips due to migraines, etc. I am starting to turn a corner but sleeping still stinks. I moved from sleeping in the recliner to the bed 1 week ago and it is miserable. Can't get comfortable, no sleep, etc. worth noting, my migraines returned 2.5 weeks post op as the muscles spent many years (15 years) protecting the damaged discs (3 levels) so working with therapist to help retrain the muscles which is slowly helping. Also, my nerve damage prior to surgery was felt in my right arm but post op, it was my left. Nerve glides helped with that as well as there will be swelling etc. strange how it all works out...hang in there. Feel better soon.
  • I had a C5 C6 disc herniation in november 2015..i waited taking conservative medicine neglecting in april new MRI showed disc extrusion at same level i.e c5c6.doctors adviced surgery again..but i m not getting any tingling or weakness as of now...does anyone had disc extrusion?..plz reply..what did u do? how r u now?
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