L5/S1 Discectomy Success Story

BrendenBrenden Kalamazoo, Michigan, USAPosts: 10
It's been a while since I've posted. I think it is because I have been doing so well but I didn't want to abandon you all. My time on here was spent looking for advice on recovering from my discectomy and there are a lot of horror stories that can inadvertently discourage some. So I wanted to share a success story.

I am now at 3 months post-op, and I feel GREAT!  I recently went back to work and was discharged from PT. The surgery was the best thing I have ever done, it was so worth it. I feel almost 100% normal again. I still have very minor sciatic pain in my hip/leg but it is dissipating quickly and the surgeon said it was to be expected. I feel like I got my life back.

For anybody going through the process, just hang in there, be careful, and take it easy.

Just wanted to share some positive thoughts!   



  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    I love great news, thanks for sharing with us.  Check back in and cheer others on when you can.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Thanks for sharing!..It is always great to hear good news!
    Continued good luck to you, Brenden!

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  • twindhamttwindham Tennessee Posts: 27
    Thank you for Sharing..... I am hopeful that up ahead things will look better. For now I have nerve pain but I'm sure that's expected  since my nerves had been compressed for a few years. 
    I am thankful to have my husband as the main income in our household and I'm able to take my time to recover- I'm doing exercises but mostly walking as the Surgeon advised for now it's only been four weeks.... Baby Steps-today I walked in my yard Brace only No Walker - that was accomplishment!!
    Again Thanks For Good News!!
  • erinb40eerinb40 EnglandPosts: 20
    Do you have any tips for the newbies like me at day 6?  
  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    Twindham, that is good news!

    Erin, did you have a microdiscectomy? I am about 2.5 months post op. My advice is to take it easy. Too often people try to rush back to their "normal." Walking is good. Expect to feel some pain here and there. I was fortunate that my sciatic nerve pain was gone after surgery but still occassionally get sore or achy at the surgery site if I  gave an overly active day.
    Take care if yourself and listen to your body!
    Best if luck!
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  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    I almost forgot, I  struggled with bouts of depression after surgery. Thanks to this great site, I learned it was fairly normal. It was temporary, thank goodness!
  • michaelrchmmichaelrch Bern, SwitzerlandPosts: 62
    I totally agree with Brendens reason for posting here. I found the whole forum kinda terrifying immediately after my op.

    However I can also attest to a really successful op. After 6 weeks I was doing physio, I could walk on the flat for an hour and ride a bike. I felt great :)

    I happened to then sabotage my recovery but that was my fault for selectively interpreting my surgeons and physios instructions about how much activity to do and doing my very best to hurt myself! BUT 99.9% of people aren't nearly as dumb as me so this is a rare problem. 

    Bottom line, this surgery can work really well. I have already got most of my motor function back in my leg. Granted my leg is stiff as a board but it does not hurt a bit, even after the abuse I gave it.
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