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Hi Everyone. New To This Site. Old On The Back Pain Journey.

B)  Hi  Everyone from Remote North Western Australia.

Recently found this site and have started to read some of the stories and journeys contained herein.

I am a very long term back sufferer around 30 years from memory (now 54) of the first instances or episodes if you like. At that time I was in law enforcement and obviously involved in many high impact events, very physical arrests, car accidents etc. not to mention a very active sports life. My hobbies also included very masculine pursuits involving heavy lifting and physically demanding elements. Those events and lifestyle lead to lower and thoracic events of pain/injury although not long term, the start of where I am at now. About 20 years ago I had my first significant event which involved my lumbar spine and was two years or so and a change in occupation to sort of recover from with non invasive treatments.....physical therapy and my first very bad experience with a old school chiropractor. At the time it was difficult to find a GP to seriously take much notice of what was going on and I found myself being gently fobbed off by most Doctors.

Seven years ago I graduated to what would now be known as a Chronic Back Pain Sufferer and found a GP who took the time to conduct thorough investigation and reveal some serious problems with disc slippage at  S1 - L5. I was offered surgery or non invasive treatment and chose to progress with a non surgical approach, exercise, core strengthening and pain management medication consisting of anti inflammatory and analgesics medications. That GP sold his practice about 12 months later and again I was lucky to inherent a GP that took my situation seriously. Through that GP I was introduced/referred to a younger generation chiropractor with which I found enough relief and mobility to proceed with my life as logistics supervisor in the mining industry and manage a reasonable home lifestyle although back episodes continued to follow me with more frequent and longer lasting events. In mid 2013 I was made redundant from my mining industry job and from there found it difficult to find further employment due to my back condition. In Oct 2013 I suffered a mild heart attack, caused by blood clotting from frequent use of anti inflammatory medications.

My back problems progressed to extremely debilitating and in January 2015 I underwent S1, L4, L5 fusion with two titanium rods, six screws and disc packing plates (scaffolding of the lower back). Unfortunately I suffered severe left foot drop from nerve decompression and damage and there began the yet to be completed journey to rehabilitation. It took some months to regain some style of walking through hours upon hours of rehab and hydrotherapy and I progressed very well (my opinion) in those first six months. I re-joined the workforce in August 2015 with a part time logistics based job with a employer who was very accommodating of my limitations and needs. I have since hit several speed humps. Diagnosed with "Scheuermann's  Disease" in my upper back which is causing a lot of problems in my thoracic spine area and further diagnosed with degenerative left hip problems.

  1. I am currently progressing towards Pain Management consultation.
  2. Dealing with a change of GP as my previous GP closed her practice to undertake a position within the corporate medical profession. 
  3. Coping with numerous pain meds and associated side effects.
  4. Coping with working (although part time) whilst dealing with chronic pain.
  5. Managing with the 3500km travel required for specialist treatment/s, consultations. (The downside to living in a remote location in a very large state).

Looking forward to participating within this forum and sharing information.


Who said life is not a journey?



  • Wal62WWal62 AustraliaPosts: 6

    Thanks Kimmy72.

    Life is definitely a rollercoaster ride living with pain.

  • Hi Wal62! I've had the exact same surgery last Jan. & while my journey has not been as long as yours & my pain is not as severe I can appreciate what you have experienced. My therapist thinks I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I'm hoping to see a pain management Dr. soon. I'm in worse shape now than before I had the surgery & since I'm a workmans comp case the wheels of treatment move very slowly! I wish you all the best in your journey to a pain free & happy life!
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,212
    Funny you mention ..roller coaster :)
    There is a post titled....The Roller Coaster Ride-to a Person in Chronic Pain......can find by using search, upper right on page.

    And you so right...our chronic pain journey can become more tolerable while sharing with those who truly understand.
    Besides being an informative site, ....the understanding from others, encouragement through shared experiences...has been such good medicine for me over the years!

    Welcome aboard!

    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • Wal62WWal62 AustraliaPosts: 6

    Hi Nance64

    Sorry you're on the "Pain Train" as well, and that you also have to deal with the Workers Comp to boot. Not good that you are worse now than before the op. I distinctly remember my surgeon telling me prior to surgery that it was an extremely painful operation and not a quick recovery. No words have rang so true but I had well and truly hit the end of the line of putting it off any longer and unable to put up with the lack of sleep, pain and inability to do anything much at all.

    Having said that, the "Pain Train" continues in other mentioned problems and complications. Damned that I did, damned if I didn't.

    I have just organised a Pain Management consult in several weeks time.............looking forward to the consult but not the 7000km round trip flight............that in itself triggers plenty of pain and discomfort.

    I hope you have success with your Pain Management and a return to a better lifestyle.

  • Wal62WWal62 AustraliaPosts: 6

    Hi Savage

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I'm sure there is a great deal of information to glean from this site and I look forward to travelling through the posts and discussions.


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