Haute Couture..or..Hurt Couture?

Ok Spiney
Whats the spiney fashionista wearing round the house..jamies? A MuMu..boxxers or briefs

Or a robe?
How you stay comfy may help another new bee spiney more able to cope

Kammie Jammies


  • Dear Cynthia  Thanks for your two maxi dresses with stretch in them.  They 'Rowley' are brilliant for a spiney.  Daywear, nightwear (if in too much pain to take off before laying down), garden wear, answering the door wear and evening wear dressed up with jewellery for supper :-) .  I think they are what we class as a good all runner but maybe not for you William :-) 
  • AJGormitAAJGormit Posts: 2,087
    edited 07/29/2019 - 1:38 PM
    Not sure you should be wearing that Rake yet :-) . Autumn fashion maybe

    Take care
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  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266
    Nothing tight for sure!

    Right after surgery I wore the softest cotton t-shirts I could find, on the loose side.

    Avoided any button up pj tops, they tend to pull too taunt in areas, and moving in bed was worse then, but I still find they are not pleasant to wear to bed. So I generally wear soft, stretchy, loose materials.

    Maxi skirts were great to wear to pool pt. Would already have suit on underneath, and when done with pt, no fussing with pant legs. Dressing was quite the chore, but has improved since.

    For about nine months or so after surgery, I couldn't wear any type of pants where the waistband sat on surgical area. Still uncomfortable, so as soon as I get home I'll switch to pj's.

    I bought some Lee stretch comfort waistband pants that look like regular pants, with zipper and belt loops, but I don't wear a belt, or tuck in my pants...cannot tolerate much pressure. Only came in black or kaki, at Kohls.

    I haven't had to get really dolled up yet ; )  but I will for my son's wedding in August. Have bought my floor length dress and shoes already, but need to make my wrap yet. Hoping I come across one to buy so I won't have to sit and sew.

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