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Is this right???

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I'm heading to week 11 post op. tomorrow. At week 2 I was feeling like I could drive the car if they'd just let me. Now it seems like I have some great days and then do something (like trying that stand up hamstring stretch) and my muscles spasm in my butt, my low back and even my mid back. It puts me back on the Narco and Valium 2 times a day and takes me a good 4-6 days to come back out of it....I have to regress my walking back by about 1/2 , get cranky, have to go back to naps. Than I get going again for a week and then do something else that knocks me back the same amount of time, same's like 2 steps forward-1 back. I'm trying to wean the brace and even that is proving difficult...I can go an hour at a time and then get like jello and need it back so it's taking weeks to wean it off. I know its a long haul, but is this the way it's suppose to work or do I have something else wrong?
If this IS the way it works, how many months out til you hit a life that's more predictable and have less steps backwards??
Need input.....feeling like I'm going to be stuck in this quasi or something else is wrong???


  • I'm new to this forumn so pardon me if I didn't reply right.
    I have had problems in the past weening off meds , you feel ok when you start, because the meds are still in you and then as you ween off the half lives of the meds expire and things don't feel so good anymore. It can be very depressing. It is my opinion, that if your in pain, and there is something available to relive that pain, that you should have access to it, but think first if it is the pain you are treating and not your Brain that also stills feels a need for that med. It's hard, very hard. But once you body hurt gets better it's easier to tell the difference.
    I hope that helps a little.
  • Pat, I'm glad you're here. I wasn't talking about weaning the meds at this point (but I am definitely taking your advice on that topic!) but my back doesn't like weaning from the feels like jello after 20 min.
    I would LOVE feedback as to whether your recovery and others have been 2 steps forward, one back like I described in my post or if your just down for a day and right back at it??
    Great to have you here Pat!!
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  • I'm not up to your level yet - so I'll just kind of watch and see how you do it.

    Right now I am going home with a velcro brace.

    I have only used it so far on my walks around the nurses station. Not needed for potty breaks.

    My whole body feels like so much green jello :sick: that I'm not much help yet.

  • Hey Carol!

    I noticed that in your post you didn't mention any PT you are doing to strengthen your abs, and back muscles. I am closing in on 7 weeks post op and have not been out of my corset for more than 20 minutes when I take a shower or when lying in bed. The muscles in these areas are weak from not having to support your full torso weight. I too end up "overdoing it" and having to increase my Norco from once a day to two or three times a day. Not uncommon I guess from what I have read. I am 48 and in good health 165# 5'7". I am waiting for my follow up to determine when I will be at out of the corset and what my PT regime will be. Good luck in your quest to good health.

  • I have an appt. Aug 12th. Then I am hoping to get my driving privelages back and get PT going in some fashion. I have been doing various stretches which the surgeon said would be alright but that standing hamstring got me...It is reassuring to know that your meds and down days are unvariable at 7 wks. Hopefully that means I'm still in the norm at 11 weeks. I too am in great health and would appreciate my back following the lead of the other body parts lol!! Keep me posted on your progress as we go through this, k??
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  • saltzworks, stick with it. I'll be happy to relay to you anything I learn. Everyone here has been VERY helpful. I have gotten a better mindset here on what to expect than from my surgeon. In fact, Lakeside and I have decided when we are done, we should make the docs a pamphlet for the docs to hand out to their patients "What you may experience after surgery". lol
  • Hi Carol:

    I am at just about 10 months. I had a TLIF L2/3 fusion in Sept. 2007. This was followed by an emergency colon repair surgery one week later. As you know every case is different. You will learn as time goes on that this is a very long recovery process. Many people overdo it at various times. This will definitely make you feel badly and set you back. You will feel much better if you just take it easy as your body heals. PT was mentioned. You do need to exercise. Walking and/or PT are important. Believe me, it does take time. For me...the jury is still out, even though I have had a fairly smooth recovery.

  • Carol - you and Lakeside are awesome - I'm sure there are a lot of us that would love to chime in on the pamphlet!
  • if we actually do it, it won't be without input from all out spiney friends here :)
  • Carol, Hi, I just saw my surgeon yesterday for 6-7 week post-op and he just told me start removing my brace and weaning off. I know what you mean by Jello back. I have done some PT since 4weeks so I think it has started to help, I think Paul is right the more those muscles get strengthened the better it will get. I have seen some difference since I started so long as I just take it slow. I think that is the hard part for all of us we have been in pain for so long and we have surgery and want to get back to life but it is still a "slow" process. Wishing you the best.
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