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Newbie - Wondering where to discuss my conditions?

Hi everyone,

New to posting after lurking for a bit.

I'm 28. Stay at home mum to one child (9 mths old). I live in Victoria, Australia. My conditions are scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and a bilateral pars defects at L5/S1

A bit of my history

When I was younger I was using a home exercise machine. My sister thought it would be funny to kick it and I fell out. 
I was in terrible pain and crawled to bed. The next day I went to the doctors and had scans etc. Results were scoliosis.
I was so young so treatment was to start swimming lessons. Which I did for a bit as a child.
As I got older I got lower back from lifting things for a bit, being on my feet all day. Any task out of the ordinary or when I pushed myself. 
This became my life. my normal. I was used to it. And tried not to push myself too far. But twice I experienced what I call a "click"
I would be walking, here this sound and feel this crack/pop sensation and be bed ridden for the day and sore and in pain for a while. 
The last time this happened was 2011. I started getting Osteo treatment and doing at home exercises. After 6 months I stopped as I was moving away.
And life got back to normal. back to my normal aches here and there. 

In early 2015, I fell pregnant. I was really worried about how my back would take the extra weight. but surprisingly I felt no back pain during pregnancy!
But during labour, my back was in horrific pain. New pain. Worse then what was going on during childbirth. haha. It was agony. But after I gave birth, I forgot about it.
Blocked it from my memory like the rest of labour. Until I got home. At night I was suffering horrible back pain. I would wake up in agony. felt paralysed in pain and couldn't move straight away. I assumed it was something to do with giving birth and waited a month for it to go away. But I kept getting lower pain at night and during the day my middle/upper back would ache. So I finally saw a chiro. She did x-rays, found the scoliosis and that was it. So she started treatment and adjustments. But after a few weeks it wasn't getting better. So she referred me onto a specialist. From there we did a CT scan and MRI.

It was discovered that I have the scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and a bilateral pars defects at L5/S1. And a bulging disc and spine erosion. We don't know what was caused during childbirth. We don't know if I have had any of this since I was a child as we only did an X ray back then.

But here we are today. with pain pain pain. So I don't know much about my conditions. Googling them confuses me. I would love to find other people in similar boats who can explain it all to me.. in easier terms. haha. Because when my family ask what I have, If I give them the medical names, they ask "so what does that mean?". And my answer is "I don't really know". So looking for support, help and guidance. And would love to provide the same for others If I can :)

Also after some advice on how to sleep. I can only sleep on my sides now. Which is killing my shoulders. So would love to find out if somehow has a better way. 
And my specialist thinks the upper back pain is from it overcompensating due to not having any lower back support. Does anyone else have this and is this the case?
Currently not receiving treatment as my specialist said I can only really do muscle strengthening exercises with a chiro or physio. Which I can't afford at the moment :s Also wondering if this is the only treatment? (other than surgery)

Thanks for reading my novel! ahahah



  • ibbieiibbie AustraliaPosts: 6
    :s so weird when you find out you have a back injury that way. Did you feel any pain?

    that's a really good way of explaining it! Unfortunately, I get people asking If I have a broken back, or a fractured spine etc. I don't really know the answer :sweat:" alt=":sweat:" height="20" /> 

    my doctor said surgery is really invasive so they only really give it to people who basically can't walk

    yeah taking care of a baby is hard with the pain. I have good support. But I am alone with it all during the day :( can be hard when I am in pain.

    ahahaha! So you don't live in Australia now?

    Thanks for responding.

    Do you know where I can go on the forum to discuss my particular conditions? I couldn't find mine anywhere. 

  • ibbieiibbie AustraliaPosts: 6
    edited 07/23/2019 - 1:08 PM

    kimmy72 said:

    hello, ibbie!

    you and i share similar stories--except for the childbirth part!  i didn't know i had the bilateral pars defect at l5/s1, however, until i was on the operating table back in january of this year for what was supposed to be a single-level fusion at l4/l5 for a blown-out disc.  i am now fusing nicely from l4-s1 (had a few complications from scar tissue, but that has been taken care of).  heck, i didn't even know i had scoliosis until i was evaluated by a surgeon last july!!

    the medical terminology can be very confusing!!  i don't know how many times i've had to explain that a bilateral pars defect means that the two bones that hold the vertebra up, back, and "in place" are broken, resulting in the "slipping and sliding" of the vertebra at the level of the fractures.  it's like the lines snapping on a life preserver--the life preserver is still in the water, but it's no longer attached to the boat!  when the conservative methods i tried failed to provide me with relief, fusion surgery became the recommendation from a number of doctors from whom i sought opinions.  has surgery been suggested/discussed with you by your doctor?   

    having a baby to take care of on top of everything else?  oh my goodness.  i hope you have a good support system surrounding you!!    

    just a little side note--i was born in australia (melbourne), and my name was either going to be victoria or kimberly (yes, without the extra "e"!).  i guess you can pretty much figure out which one my parents went with by my username!

    i'd like to welcome you to the forums! please click on the following link for some helpful information to get you started!!

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum 

    sorry was i supposed to quote to respond? 
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  • LizLiz Posts: 2,602
    edited 07/02/2016 - 7:05 AM
    welcome ibbie
    i hope you will find these links helpful.
    most members of spine-health read the forum by 'view recent posts' which means they will read your discussion wherever you post it. if you go to 'forum home' you will see all the categories, or you can use the 'search box' by typing in key words you can then search articles and forum discussions.

    scoliosis: what you need to know
    spondylolisthesis symptoms and causes video

  • ibbieiibbie AustraliaPosts: 6
    Hi Ladies, Do you know where I search? Is that the google custom toolbar? 
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,496

    Yes, the Google custom search, top right of this page, will search this web site including this forum and articles.  It is a great way to get spine information.

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