3 or so days post op - Coflex And Decompression

So here I am.  I had the surgery for a decompression and the coflex implant installed.  It does done outpatient at a hospital because of a 23 hour observation period and a metric ton of antibiotics. (Just kidding, ended up with like five bags of IV antibiotics as a preventative measure). 

I can't thank the nurses and doctors and techs enough.  They made the whole experience actual fun.  They had the right personalities and everything.  I would do it again in a heartbeat just because of the staff there!

Now, for the positives!

    So far, I've had absolutely no trouble with stairs or walking or even standing up from a sitting position. I'm surprised at how easy it is to do these things!

    My chief complaint pre surgery was my left leg pain and numbness and tingling.  And restless legs at night.  So far, those two seem to be gone.  But it's still a little soon. 

For the bad, but not terrible:

    The pain starts from mid thoracic all the way down to the S1-S2 area. It isn't terrible, but your body certainly let's you know that there's been trauma somewhere back there. 

    I physically can't bend far enough to clean after being practical, which sucks.  But the good news is I've still not been practical (I'm sure that's bad news) but I'm hoping my body can wait until I can do it myself.  My poor family. ;)

    Sitting and laying down is tough. Once I'm in the right position though, the pain is bearable.  All in all, so far I'm pretty happy with the coflex device.  Even with all the trauma and swelling, my nerves just...feel relieved, I guess is the best way to say it. I sat at a computer chair for a bit today like I used to and my leg didn't fall asleep!

     Still trying to get used to the better posture though.  Now I sit like I went to reform or catholic school. ;)

I want ant to thank you guys too. All the posts on here and all the information gathered in this place has comforted my anxiety pre-surgery and the advice certainly has helped me so far post surgery.  Thank you. 


  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    That is a great story...  what level was your CoFlex and decompression?   I guess they went in via posterier... one or two incisions?

  • liathumliathum OrlandoPosts: 17
    It was one incision and the coflex was implanted at the L4-L5, my neurologist said I was probably going to need a fusion but we talked about the coflex.  If it works, we might be able to put the fusion off for a decade or so. 

    It was posterior, which is kind of a pain when laying or sitting, though.  I'm pretty happy with it so far, a lot of the weird random leg pain has pretty much disappeared. And it seems most of the pain in my back is from the surgery.  Either that or I just can't distinguish the two yet. But I'm staying hopeful and optimistic!
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  • Glad to see you're doing well with it. I wasn't so lucky but again after talking to other Dr's I found out not only was it not the right option for me but was also put in wrong. I have heard alot of good things about the coflex and really hope you continue to feel better
  • liathumliathum OrlandoPosts: 17
    It seems like it's going wonderfully so far.  I saw some of what you found out and what's been happening. I'm incredibly sorry you have to continue to go through all that. :(
  • It's partly the way the medical system is set up. The Dr that did my surgery had a interest in the company I believe he was in on the making of it and also was the Dr to preform the first surgery with it. I'm really happy it's working for you. 
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  • liathumliathum OrlandoPosts: 17
    Thank you! My steri strips fell off today during a dressing change.  My pain level has been nice and low after the second day but it's starting to hurt more in the AM and PM but not so much during the actual day. 

    Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, the highest my surgery pain was during this week is still lower than the pain in used to for my back.  When people say surgery is a relief, they weren't kidding. 
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