Driving Ms. Ellen!

So I  have not driven in quite some time and decided today was a good day to give it a shot. My youngest son (26) got voluntold to come with me, lol. He really doesn't mind. I just don't want to go by myself. 
So, off we go! Wheeeee!


  • Good Luck Ellen!
  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    Haha, first obstacle, couldn't find my glasses. Lol. But as far as sitting in the car it went well. It was only a short drive but will do a little more each day.

    Of course you may borrow voluntold! We either made it up in Catholic school or at the nonprofit I worked for, don't remember but it works well!

    Thanks for the well wishes William and Kimmy!
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340
    Voluntold - I thought that it was just another crazy spell check error.

    I love it!

    Glad that your drive went well.
  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    I was just talking to my son about how nice it was to just for a few minutes and relax. It's amazing what you miss until you don't have it anymore.
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