failed cervical disc replacement 2nd surgery advice needed

I am facing a decision on whether or not to get another cervical disc replacement surgery or removal and double fusion at c567. I had c56 adr 15 months ago and it because it was poorly done the disc under the replacement has collapsed crushing the nerves and the implant is sitting badly.  I am in constant agony. Surgeon suggest removal of artificial disc and double posibbly triple fusion.  Has anyone had or heard of this. I am confused and can't think clearly due to the continuous pain and meds.


  • Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through this!  I had a similar problem. C 4-5 and C 6-7 was fused and C 5-6 collapsed. I should have gotten a second and even third opinion.  Please see another surgeon, I know its so hard to get out and deal with it but you have to make sure that others agree.
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    Thanks Amestree, how has your neck been after the fusion? I could travel to Germany and get it fixed properly but I dont have the $50K to do so. I am limited to the public system here in Australia , which is a hit and miss affair. I am seeing a neurosurgeon on the 19th july. I will let you know what he says.
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    hello leec5/6 !
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