TLIF at L4L5S1 with Laminectomy

Just had this done on 6/15/16. Pain is still very intense. Taking pain meds and muscle relaxers around the clock. Alternating ice/heat. Get up every hour and walk a little just to get the blood flowing and keep moving. I'm very blessed in that I have child care and my husband takes care of everything when he gets home. I just can't wait till I can do more but I am following the dr orders because there is NO WAY I am going through that again. Waking up from that surgery was the worst pain of my life and that is an understatement.I will say though, as painful as the surgery was and as difficult as this recovery is and I know its gonna be a long one (dr say 12-18 months) it was worth it compared to the chronic pain I lived for 18 months before I finally had the surgery, 


  • Hello! I can share similar experience. Post op pain after I awakened was 10/10, the worst I have ever experienced and as you said there is NO WAY I would go for another turn again. However, even the pain at level 10 and suffering post op for some time is better than dying; which was prognosis in my case with no surgery.

    I always count that there smust be a limit to each of us how much we can take. Famous Mexican paintor Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) had 35 surgeries in her life, after the bus accident she had in young ages. One of the painintg she did, a deer stabbed with a lots of arrows around the body shows basically how we all feel. The pain becomes center of life even and very difficult to get rid of.

    At fortune, nowadays we have medications that can reduce pain, there are effective surgical procedures, but perhaps our expectations from everything sometimes must be adjusted to the reality. I can say that after having chronical pain for more than 20 years, and in last 3 years most awful one, the surgery just did it good and I would decide to do it again if necessary.
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