Does anyone know if it's normal to have a bad pain in my leftcalf as well as cramps in my left thigh. The left leg was the one that had the bad sciatica  which is much better except for this. My back pain seems more severe. It has been 3 months post op.


  • AWMAAWM NebraskaPosts: 70
    I had a laminectomy of l3-s1 with discectomy.  I had returning sciatica (not anywhere as bad as before surgery) for several weeks.  My Dr. told me this was normal.  Nerves take an extremely long time to heal.  They were damaged by your problems before surgery, and agitated by your surgeon during surgery.  This is just part of the healing process for nerves.  Always check with you doctor, but OTC anti-inflammatory drugs helped me tremendously.
  • fugitiveffugitive New Zealand Posts: 7
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  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361
    are you getting physiotherapy, any exercise post-surgery?  I go to aqua-cise 3x weekly and 30-45 minute walks frequently, those exercises are highly recommended and I believe very helpful in alleviating spasms.  Physiotherapy with an osteopathic approach has also made a huge difference for me.  Prescription muscle relaxants also helpful once in awhile when the other stuff isn't enough ;)  But yeah as AWM states, mostly it just takes time.
  • lclause66llclause66 Posts: 18
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    I have the same pain and after discussing with my surgeon its sort of normal for those who have this kind of pain but will get better as time goes on, sureeeeeeeeee, still have it 6 months later off and on but when it ON ITS ON and I sometimes fall because of how my leg bends, ask your doc about it because with post surgery its "normal" to have these pains and my pain doctor is going to give me a hip shot to alleviate the pain because sometimes the way you walked prior to the surgery you may have torn something so he will shoot me up and hope it heals with the medicine he will give me, kind of like a torn ligament type of pain along with a groin pain if that helps?
  • Are you having success with post therapy? My surgeon said he would recommend it but wants me to make the decision because with the pain I am still having it could get worse, any success stories or any wish I hadn't done it stories or I did it then stopped stories, would love some feedback soon because I need now to make a decision now that my bone scan is ok but mentioned another surgery may be of benefit to me from the abdomen to give my fusion more room to heal??
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