Artificial DIsc's Lumbar Level Needed

Just found out I need 2 new discs at L3 &L4.  Doc said recovery and back to work within 1 week and full recovery with no activity restrictions after weeks.  Pretty sure this was for one, but guess could apply to 2.  Said going in through abdomen making a C incision by belly button.  Anyone have this done and how'd it work out?  


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    That's amazing what you have done post fusion!!!    But I'm guessing that all that running is a key contributor to your current round of back problems.    I guess you are aware that as you take out more and more shock absorbers (discs) out of your back... the smaller upper discs will now have to take the load/shock that your lower lumbar discs used to take... and they are not designed to cope with those kinds of loads.  I can appreciate your love of running and fitness... but there comes a point in time where you also need to consider your future health.  Just my 2 cents...

    Normally I would give 5 to 1 odds against anyone recovering and being back to work in one week... that is insanely fast... but in your case I think I will only give 2 to 1 odds.   

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    that seems awfully rushed to me, but I'm not the doctor :) I am considering ADR at L5-S1, and since I can't find alot of posts on this forum about them, I'll be checking in on you.  Do they say how long the hardware is expected to last?  Good luck with your surgery and recovery!

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