spinal fusion surgery T10/T11 and L1/L2

im 46 year old male from uk, had compression fracture T12 30% breakage, L1 AND L2 HAIR LINE FRACTURE  after fall in oct15. had mri, ct scans etc, all showing fracture maybe not healed fully after 6 months? also bulging three discs L1,2,3,, pertrution and severe herniation at L4/l5 , STENIOUSIS and some degeneration also, but neuro surgeon very good, says she confused and my case strange, I'm 6'3" and 320lbs, but still suggested a spinal fusion surgery to pin four vertebrae to give relief. she doesn't sound confident though that this will be total solution.   today into month 10, symptoms have eased a little but still discomfort permanently, current pain level 7/10. walking no real prob but lil restrictive, sitting major problem i get pulling burning sensation upper right thigh bad stinging sensations constantly whilst seated so can only really sit for 20 mins at a time, lower outside right leg pins n needles pain. constant pain from T12 area , bend twist, turn lean etc. 
      my head telling my fusion procedure is wrong.??? will be restrictive long term and maybe put extra pressure on vertebrae above and below in years to come plus major surgery - prob 4hours etc? got second opinion and surgeon said get new mri, then if bone t12 still not healed he suggest do balloon kypoplasty to cement the bone from wedge to near original shape. confused about what is  required ???
   how do i get correct diagnosis ??  match symptoms to solution??  any body been through same ??  please help.  my head full of all different ideas, emotions, schemes etc, can't afford to make any mistakes. Opp set for october 2016.


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  • The pain 7/10 is very high. Are you not taking any painkillers? In any case, when I was at 7 it was awful, altpought it went worse soon. I had four vertebrae spinal fusion due to complete destabilization of the spine caused by severe scoliosis. The second month post op now and I feel much better. However, nothing is the final solution and not even surgery, but my prognosis was that I would have pain at levels 1-2/10, which is significantly lower than the pain 8+. At least I am alive, but have to adjust a lot in order to be good more and more.
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    thank you nicholas ll, your view and advice is much appreciated, my current pain level is prob 2/3 with tablets and only 7/8 without tablets. 
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