I'm having acdf surgery and I'm SOOO scared!



  • Dmo- Chronic Pain has no age or friends! It can happen to any of us. 

    Have you seen your neuro for your t10, L4/5 and C4 yet? Do you plan on having surgeries? Wonder which they would tackle 1st? Have you considered going outside your neuro. For example 3-4 hrs away we have Duke or UVA! 

    I had a jumping in place contest with my then 5yr old son in 2015. I had immediate knee and leg pain . I had knee surgery then during physical therapy the leg pain came back. Was unable to bare weight on left leg b/c of nerve pain. Started seeing a neurosurgeon, ordered emg, it showed slowing around the fiblia head. 3/2016 neuro did 1st peroneal nerve release. In the mean time I decided to push through  the pain of my leg and get that yard looking good.... SO I picked up a huge flower pot. Pinched a nerve in my neck.....  And then I had neck nerve pain and leg nerve pain. Leg nerve pain never went away and got worse. And 11/2016 I had neck surgery. SUCCESS!!!  The same dr that did my 1st leg surgery. In the mean time I started doctor shopping for a good ortho dr about my leg. Had another leg surgery 2/2017.....  And in physical therapy to try and walk straight, get my balance back again but the leg nerve pain gets me. For 2 years I walked with a crook in my knee b/c the nerve pain. So it's going to be a very looooooong process. 

    I take neurotin, elavil, mortin, Tylenol. I do not take any pain meds or muscle relaxers I just suck it up and deal with it. 

    A pain management phycologist was suggested by my leg dr. Try practical pain
    Type in your zip code and type of pain. Search the list for Psychologist/  Psychiatrist. Also ask your pain management Dr if your comfortable. A friend suggested i try this website  too 
     Chat soon
  • Jodee,

    Ha, ha, a jumping up and down contest!!  That's to funny, who won?  Not you it sounds like.  Isnt it funny how fast things like that happen.  Then it takes forever to get back to normal or in our case a new normal.  I also take Neurontin.  I take hydromorphone and zanaflex muscle relaxer.  I have tried to come off the pain meds but I just cant make it without them.  The spondylolithasis at c4-5 and my fractured vertebra wont let me.  I also get very little sleep even with pain meds. 

    I fractured my back helping my wife move her sewing desk.  It is big but I thought if she can lift her end I surely should be able to lift mine.  Well we picked it up and started walking it in the house when my back just starting really hurting.  I spent the rest of the day on the sofa with a heating pad.  I already have pain meds so I just took the weekend and chilled.  Monday rolled around and I went to work.  I made the whole day but on Tuesday I could hardly move.  I told my wife I am going to the E R.  They did a CT scan and said wow you have a fractured T12 vertebra.  Like you I went back to my neurosurgeon and he ordered MRI.  That revealed a large disc bulge at L4-L5 with disc impinging on root nerve, in addition to the fracture higher up.  I am out of work yet again. 

    I go back to neurosurgeon Friday and he will probably want to do Kyphoplasty surgery.  They insert a ballon into your vertebra, inflate it and then fill it with cement.  I have no idea about the bad disc bulge in lumbar region.  I also have no idea about misalignment of c4-c5 except for another fusion surgery.  So really if I do everything I will have three more surgeries. 

    Let me know how you are feeling.  Do you think your leg will ever be normal again?  Sounds like to me you need to be careful you are getting hurt at the drop of a hat. lol.  How is the rest of your spine?  I never knew how bad my thoracic and lumbar spines were until three weeks ago.  Thanks for taking the time to share Jodee, I really need to vent a little. 


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  • Dmo,
    My son definitely won!  My mother calls me a delicate flower....blhahaha!  
    We are not sure if the nerve pain in my leg will go away. My ortho (leg) dr does seem to think I will have some relief at my 6month point. I like the way he put it " I'm better but!" And like you say a new normal! I literally take it moment by moment. 

    The rest of my back is fine. Knock knock on wood!

    Venting is good! I feel like my neighbors  relative had a kyphoplasty done and it was successful. And you probably just have to tackle one thing at a time. 

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