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Hi guys

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I am starting understand the difficulties that I will need to face in the coming years. 

One thing I would like to know is any therapy to help with the pain , I was reading mentioned acupuncture, light massage therapy.

I would like to know any therapies that are tried and tested and that have worked for everyone here. My husband is insisting on the acupuncture but I don't trust those fine needles.


  • Hi Tiller, sorry to hear you have fibromyalgia. It doesn't seem real to us until we're diagnosed with it. It's a rough ride but there is hope out there. Look up the Guafenesin protocol. People with fibro excrete phosphorous from their kidneys sluggishly and a simple OTC med can help lessen the duration and severity of the symptoms. I've tried it and feel that it helps. The worst for me is the fatigue and pain. I'm getting over my recent flare which was horrible. Before taking Savella, the flares lasted for months. Now it's only a week to two weeks. There's a wonderful  book called What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You About Fibromyalgia. They cover the Guafenesin protocol in detail, along with other self help remedies. It was truly eye-opening. You'll find lots of helpful videos on YouTube as well. I've haven't tried accupuncture, but a massage sounds heavenly to me. Feel free to PM if you have any questions. 
  • I love a good massage, but I actually feel worse afterwards. I have heard good things about accupuncture. I am really wanting to give that a try. I have had FM for years and pretty much ride the wave of symptoms. You will have good and bad days. For me fatigue is a huge thing and the forgetfulness I can get through the aches and pains. Just dont over do it on your good days that is key. You will learn to pace yourself. I only take a muscle relaxer and am thankful for that with opioid scare I dont push for anything more. I wish I had more advise but everyone is truly different with FM. You are a warrior and will quickly find what works for you. Take it easy when u need to and learn to say no when needed.

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