Social support=0, nada



  • Ooookay??

    It's just simple 10 years ago it was a new bad experience for years. Not only pain but work and family all increasing on my time and energy.

    Now it's old, it is what it is, same a breathing and farting, more so the later.

    Also now it's just pain, work and family concerns took care of themselves.  So life is much easier than 10 years ago.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,314

    Well said!! Work and family are a definite thing, you have to take care of them. But when you add in pain, it up's the game. I know it did for me. Acceptance is a big thing and helps you go further. 

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  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 319

    IMHO, this topic does not get the attention it deserves. I'm also in a position with no social or emotional support - spouse convinced me to move to another state years ago and I traveled for work then so not so bad. Once I had to stop working I no long saw my friends and colleagues and found myself in a town with no friends. My neighbors don't socialize and my wife does not have the personality to provide support or empathy. I talk to my sister and a granddaughter frequently but they are too far away for me to see but maybe once a year when they come to visit. I rarely hear from anyone else so I spend my time alone. I'm a goal oriented person and now without something to reach for getting up in the morning can often be a chore. When I feel up to it, I take my two best friends - my Westie boys - to visit people in an assisted living facility (ALF). Seeing the residents' situation helps me find perspective but it is very hard to be alone and in pain. My Westies depend on me, are entertaining, and provide friendship. But, I think about the ALF residents and I'm thankful to be able to manage alone - it could always be worse!! As we used to say in the Marine Corps, "every day is a holiday and every meal a feast!"

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,314


    I agree, this thread needs to keep going. There are too many members that don't have the support they need, except for here.

    What you are doing with your Westie boys is awesome!! And so good for you!! You have always been a big part of this forum, you have helped so many people and I hope we see more of you. You know you have support here. 


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 319

    Sandra, I appreciate your kind words! Jerome

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  • Just a Duhhhh comment.

    I signed up for spinal decompression.  Went 4 times a week for 6 weeks. It helped A LOT!!!

    I have a home gym that does basically the same and I always felt better using it I using it now. "Blank" NO.

    WHY, I have no clue. My only guess is that I also have seasonal depression and probably due to no snow it's bad. That combined with 2 houses and 20 acres that I found out are litterly worthless(it's very complicated ). I could sell, had an offer for 80k with lawyer fees over 60k.

    Oh well maybe the sun will come out soon and this crappy mood will end. Longest so far was Feb through April.

    Oh yeah back to vampire hours, thank God for dennys, ihop, and Waffle House. 

  • Disregard previous post...why, other than crap?

    Bottom line...I forgot to use my MM/CBD tincture for a few weeks. That stuff makes you forget.

    After I posted, I closed out and saw a BIG MESSAGE on my phones wallpaper. ."WEED B4 911".

    Duhhhhh crap, felt like Homer Simpson.  I used 2 ml. 30 minutes later I'm freaking human again.

    I used to be an engineer. I'm going to convert a clock radio to blast out "use the MM" and it only goes off AFTER I remove the bottle. If I don't put it back in, it'll nag me until I do

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