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New symptom....any advise?

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Ok...I am 11 weeks post op 360 L5-S1 fusion. During the past week I have had three seperate occasions where my hands have begun to tingle and go numb. This has happened while sitting a a table for too long to be comfortable, while pushing a grocery cart, and one other time I don't remember what I was doing. I have no other bulging discs and have never had any other back.neck issues.

Any ideas? I go to the OS next week and was going to mention it to him.



  • all of the time. I am sure that it is spine related but have had so many issues with my lower back that I have just dealt with it. I guess that I am afraid to find out what might be going on in my neck.
  • I had that tingling in my left hand like it was falling asleep and it going numb evern to the point I would almost drop things. It was caused from nerve damage due to a buldging disk and bone spurs that were pressing into my spinal cord in my C5-C6 cervical spine. To this day my hand still has that tingling feeling. The surgeon said it might never go away.

    Dont know if this is the reason for yours but ou should get it checked into.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)
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  • I will mention to the surgeon next tuesday when I go in. I never had this occur before recently. My only issue has been in my lower back. Darn....just when I get used to my feet going numb, something new to worry about.

    IS there anyone with lower back issues who has had this come up and know why?

    Thanks for your responses.
  • I have the same issue-but I also have neck issues as well as thoracic and lumbar (yeah me! :) ). I would have them do a MRI on your neck-it may be from that.

  • My NS did a MRI of both my cervical and lumbar spine and we discovered not only all the problems in my lumbar spine but that I also have a bulging disk at C4. The nerve conduction test I had supported the MRI and theory that I have a mild case of carpel tunnel syndrome. I have noticed since my surgery to fuse L4-S1(7/10) that my arms and fingers get that gone to sleep feeling a lot more often. I was thinking in my case that it is from lying down so much and trying all the different positions I can to be comfortable. Have you ever had your cervical spine checked out? I can usually "shake" it off, but it is not much fun. I hope it passes for the both of us.
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  • there are a number of reasons that could cause tingling and numbness in your hands. usually tingling and numbness is either neuro or vascular meaning that either a nerve is being compressed (minimally if it is only t&n) or blood supply is being limited. if it is neurological typically the t&n will follow a dermatomal distribution, if it is due to a peripheral nerve it will be in the distribution of that nerve and if it is vascular it is usually stocking and/or glove distribution.

    there are many common places that peripheral nerves are entrapped; your funny bone for instance is your ulnar nerve, simply resting your elbow incorrectly on a table can compress your ulnar nerve and cause t&n in the distribution of the ulnar nerve (two little fingers). carpal tunnel is your median nerve as it goes under some fascia to enter the wrist...

    another cause is thoracic outlet syndrome, this is often due to either tight scalene muscles, pectoralis minor, elevation of rib 1, and/or cervical ribs. it is often seen in women particularly if they use the accessory muscles of breathing (upper chest /neck) rather than their diaphragm, and/or have poor posture (elevated shoulders...). this could be completely understandable given recent back surgery esp if you are wearing a brace and your diaphragmatic breathing is restricted.

    it could also be from a cervical disc but please note there are lots of other differentials that culd either be causing it and/or predisposing/maintaining it,

    as well as when you see your surgeon, when you next see your pt, ask them about it too
  • Thank you so much for all the advise. I will talk to the OS in a few days and see what he thinks. It hasn't happened for a few days. So maybe I'll get lucky and it was just something I bumped or something.

    AGain thanks, you guys are very helpful.
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