3 weeks post op from ALIF, now having inner hip area pain.

Hey guys....  

I'm a 33 yr old female,  3 weeks post op from L5-S1 alif.  Recovery has been going very well aside from  the emotional roller coaster this big of a surgery brings.  For the past week and a half I've been walking about 1- 2 miles a day.  That includes any walking around the house,  as my watch tracks my steps. 
At my 2 week post op appt,  my Dr told me I could get on the recumbent bike and the spin bike as long as I don't bend and keep my brace on (I was extremely active before surgery).  
I have gone to the gym this week on sat,  sun and Mon for about 30-40 between the recumbent and spin bike.  
  I can  walk and move around  almost perfectly fine these past few days....until I started aching yesterday.  

So this aching I'm experiencing today is in my hip / pelvic area.  Could this be sciatic pain?  Or muscle stretching or something not so good?  
I remember mentioning to my Dr at my 2 week post op appt that I was having pain in my left buttock and he said it was completely normal.  But what I'm feeling now is very achey, dull pain kinda inside my hip  bones.  I've been in and out of tears the past couple hrs and laying down now,  but even laying down I ache.  I just feel so broken and the road ahead is so long.  Some days I feel almost normal again,  then I have rough days and wonder,  what have I done to myself.

 I return to my desk job Aug first and I'm scared to death my body might not be ready but that is when my medical leave runs out. Luckily I have an adjustable standing / sitting desk.  But still worried. 

Sorry this post is half a question,  half just me venting... Anyone have ideas what could be causing aching in that area?  It seems stronger on the left side which is the side my scar in back is on.  I have 4 screws and one plate,  and a small incision on both my lower abdomin and back. They used cadaver bone and only withdrew blood from my (left) hip bone for the fusion.  Which is the side thay is hurting more. 

Then my husband suggested maybe my pain is just from my muscles stretching, and from the therapy I have been doing, with the stretches I was given, and the recumbent bike.  And that's possible,  but today the aching pain just seems so intense.

I've  been trying to wean off of codine.  I'm down to 1 codine a day plus 3x a day I take 2 tylonal extra strength for about the past week or so.  I started out post op 2 codine 3x a day. But the constipation was about to do me in even with taking stuff for it so I've been  trying to get off pain pills asap. Today I may have to go ahead and take a second codine cause it's been an hr and a half and I'm still aching.  Pain level is between a 5-6.

Hahaha.  After I just wrote all that.  It just occurred to me  I'm on day 2 of my ladies cycle, for the first time since surgery. So some of this pain might be from cramps. Would definitely explain the tears.  But it still seems weird the pain feels like it's on the inside of my hip bone.  So I don't know...


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    We've all been down the road you're on... don't worry about the tears or the new weird aches and pains... it's all part of the recovery process with fusion surgery.  You are likely going to go through lots of ups and downs with various odd and new aches and pains over the upcoming weeks... don't panic... just roll with it.  Your muscles and your nerves are both trying to heal... and the new pains are just their way of letting you know.  Maybe take it easy for a day or two so things can calm down... it could be you over did it on PT.   From what you describe it sounds like overall you are doing really well for just 3 weeks... keep it up the good work girl.  

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    Thank you Harry for the encouragement.  Your words were very helpful.  I think it's time to tune into Netflix and not worry about my body for a few hours. 
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