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Cervical Disc Replacement - good experience? thoughts?

I'm a 29 year old female who's had chronic stiff neck/neck pain/upper back muscle spasms for the past 2 years. I have a herniated disc at C5-C6. I'm scheduled for an artificial disc replacement next month. I have no tingling or numbness in the arm. My doctor said I can be back home the same day after surgery, and I would probably recover in a week (he's a reputed doctor in NY). I've left him a message to see if he can give me some testimonials from others who've had this surgery. 

After reading most of the post-op stories on the forums, I'm considering cancelling my surgery. It seems like most of the people getting this surgery are people who have numbness and loss of function in their arms (where surgery is not optional), and even after surgery, there is considerable discomfort post-op. I'm fine now - I can walk and carry on with my day to day tasks - I know what not to do with my neck (like go jet sking or turn my neck too far). I'm worried the surgery might introduce new issues that are way worse than my current set of symptoms. 

Are there people out there who have had a cervical artificial disc replacement who think their surgery was a success? 



  • jmichaelpjjmichaelp Gainesville, FLPosts: 14
    I had a C5-C6 foraminotomy five years ago because I couldn't sleep as turning my head in either direction would lead to nerve pain that kept me awake. Prior to that I lived with numbness, tingling & pain for years. I'd discuss the need for surgery with one or more doctors. You can't undo surgery & technological advances may provide additional alternatives in the future.
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