Does this cervical stim work for anyone else help

I just had c5 c6 fused and just out of the blue my doctor ordered this machine for me didn't mention it to me or nothing I have to wear it 4 hrs a day I can split it up but it gives me bad headaches and makes my neck more sore I'm on day 7 of my surgery was doing great til I got this two days ago can anyone help or give advise please feel free to text me back anytime I need help 


  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 593
    I was given the bone growth stimulator after my first neck surgery. I was 8 months past my surgery & I wasn't showing any signs of fusion. 
    I, also, had to wear it for 4 hours a day. And, yes, it did give me bad headaches! I contacted my doctor to see if that was normal & he told me he's never heard anyone say they got headaches. He recommended that I break up the 4 hours & not wear it for the 4 hours in a row. That didn't help. 
    I was also put on light duty at the office & had to answer the phones. The stimulator interfered with the land line phones. It would make a horrible clicking noise into the phone. But it was only heard on my end? 
  • I know it's making my head hurt really bad I've read comments from 2009 that it did the same thing you would think since it's 2016 it would be better does it even help bc I had c5 and c6 fusion I'm doing my best to take it easy but my doctor is making me wear my hard brace all the time and I'm spreading the time frames out.. what should I do 
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