almost three weeks post op

My acdf567 was almost three weeks ago.  It's funny, I have been feeling pretty good.  Today my arms and neck were very sore . I still only took two of the pain pills.  I know people have been saying you'll have good days and bad days.  I might also be trying to do to much.  I'm not lifting the laundry or groceries.  I;m tryng to help more with the cooking and helping to sort the laundry,  Is that still to much?  


  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    LISTEN to your body... If you are sore and tired then you are doing too much.  Take a chill pill... there will be more than time enough for your to help out around the house once you are fullly healed.   For now it's more important to let your body heal correclty... don't mess up the good work your doctor did because you feel the need to help with the dinner dishes or the laundry.   Also the pain pills are making your feel better than your body really is... drop things down a gear... let your body heal... it's way more important than the daily chores.    If you want to be or feel the need to be active... go for a nice walk... the will help your healing process a lot.   No BLT...!!!

  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340


    You are still beginning to heal, I know that is hard to believe after 3 weeks - but you have a lot of healing to do.  For several months you will do things tat will aggravate your healing nerves.

    As Harry says, take it slow.  Do some work in the kitchen, if it feels good, but do just a little to start and build up to making a meal.  Sort, but try to use your kegs more than your arms - walk to the pile instead of reach.

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  • KGeorgeKKGeorge New YorkPosts: 39
    Thank you everyone  - We are off to some grad parties today.  I wlll definitely sit and rest today

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