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hi, iv been on here so I will give a brief description of my history but I have new symptoms I was wanting advice on, I had L3/4 spinal fussion 13 years ago and suffered chronic pain for years in my upper back as well as lumbar and was then diagnosed with a t4-6 arachnoid cyst with compression of the spinal cord, I also have c6 small bulge disc and bone spurs (osteophytes) at c2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6. About 4 months ago I done something to my s1-2 disc and took 5 weeks to recover then I went to a barbie where I stood for several hours which then started this problem again taking a furthe 3 weeks to recover, in the mean time I woke up one night with my left hand swollen twice its size with pain at the end joints in my fingers next to my nails, the next night my right hand done the same and then every night since both hand have swelled with pain, I can't pick anything up or squeeze shower gel bottles etc, I also then started with pain in my shoulders, elbows, knees with right knee severe, hips and feet, iv been getting wrestles legs which is awful and burning pain right through my body, chronic fatigue and depression, these joints arnt swollen but are warm to touch and I have the coldest hands and feet in the world but not at the moment, iv been to my docs and had blood tests for R A, but they've come back clear and waiting now to see a rhumetologist, has anyone had similar symptoms that could shed some light on, also this is happening every night and still continuing at present, sorry for going on but I hope someone can help, thank you in advance xx


  • I just want to add that my body has become so stiff also, when I get up in the mornings it takes me hours for the stiffness to ease, I try to keep busy and by late afternoon if I sit or lie down even for a few minutes it comes back again, I also can't kneel as its to painfull x
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    I have never been candidate for surgery, so I can't speak to that.
    But you mention arthritis, so I wanted to bring to your attention..our sister site,
    The link is conveniently located on right of page.
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  • Quazzie, perhaps you should see a neurosurgeon who specializes in spine conditions.  Have you had an MRI done?  That would reveal very much.  
  • This is an old post but I hope you have found some treatment and you're now doing well. You may also want to read on microcirculation therapy to prevent further complications. Take care.
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