Burning sharp stiff pain in neck

I just had a c5 c6 fusion 2 weeks today Im not supposed to pick nothing up over 5lbs I had to pick my dog up without thinking she weighs about 13 lbs it didn't bother me at first then all of a sudden I had this burning rushing down the back of my neck and the left side of my neck hurts bad could I have messed it up... please should I go to the doctor I'm in pain bad 


  • Yes, you should.

  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340


    You surgeon should have given you a list of things that you should call the office about, this should be one of them.

    My rule is that if I am really worried about something, I call.  I am worried about you, so call!

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  • Thanks everyone it's week 7 now my incision did end up coming apart but my fusion part looks great still thank god the incision got infected they had to go back in and clean it out and put on antibiotics I stayed one night in the hospital on very strong antibiotics. I'm no longer in a brace and starting to feel much better. Please always do what your doctor saids no lifting and rest.. GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU ALL..
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