Can't fly on plane's, can I convince airline to let me stand?

I have Lyme Disease, whole body neuropathy, arthralgia, and DDD. I cannot sit or else I have a shooting pain from the base of my back to the bottom of my skull. I will be able to sit short periods of time during take-off and landing (where I contort my body to the side). I spoke to a man at Frontier airlines on the phone, and he said that if I bring a document from my Dr that says I cannot sit for long periods of time, they should let me stand or lay down, but he couldn't send me anything in writing. I asked to speak to the manager and he basically said the same thing.

Has anyone else had experience with this and can tell me that if I refuse to sit I won't be tackled by an Air Marshall or anything? :smiley:" alt=":smiley:" height="20" /> 



  • The answer is no! You can go around while plane is at the cruising altitude and service not ongoing, but while landings, take offs and during a turbulence you must be in your seat. You may explain the situation to the cabin crew, it would surely depend on the duration of flight. The regulations of behaviour during flight are for your safety and safety of others. It may be very dangerous to stand during the whole flight, because you are not stronger than plane and forces that make it fly are. You may easily lose your balance, especially if landng is bumpy and fall, get broken and in a lots of trouble. I symphatize with your concern. In 2011 I was travelling from Zagreb to Vancouver via Frankfurt and Toronto and then back via Frankfut, Flights taken for more than 12 hours in total, but I was flying with Lufthansa which allowed me to walk during the flight and also they had the best seat ever. I was exhausted, but with no pain. 
  • Nicholas, 

    Yes he told me I'd have to sit down for take off and landing and I told him I understood that. So you walked around on your flight? What did you do?
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    I suppose a component of your question is location of both your departure arrival.  Also the size of the plane will greatly affect the answer.

    If you are flying out of Toledo, OH - then the chances of standing for any length of time are slim.  Regional plans are usually too small to provide a place to stand.

    If you are flying out of Detroit to Japan on a 747, then there will be room to stand.
  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    Hi Johnny
    I flew when one of my kids was a baby. He was crying so I got up and walked around the plane with him. Flight was from NJ to Palm Beach, FL. I don't remember the size of the plane. This was years ago so things may have changed. 
    Good luck!
  • The obvious key, beyond the type/size of the aircraft, is the sufficient explanation provided by your physician. Many doctors will delegate the task to a clerical person or at best their P.A.  Thankfully, I took the time to review the document provided by my doctor before leaving his office. The first draft was little more than a request to extend any courtesy possible. I asked to speak to my doctor and when doing so I asked if he was aware I was facing an eleven hour flight. I ultimately left with just what was needed.  A word of caution - you want to be accommodated but not deemed a medical risk!  I was allowed to stand in the galley area whenever the pain made sitting no longer possible. Just remember to be gracious to the flight crew.
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  • andrew81aandrew81 MichiganPosts: 1
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    Rather than staying for the whole tim stand up I would suggest you to buy a proper back brace. I was having the same issue a while ago and I could not sitting for too long. 

    hope it will help you too.

    Good luck
  • LizLiz Posts: 2,261
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    hello andrew
    please click on the link for useful information Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

  • I am going to Ireland in a month. Two flights, one to Paris and then to Dublin. I am mostly scared what will happen during landings. The neurosurgeon told me it should be fine, but still forces can be crazy and landing in Dublin sometimes can be bumpy. 
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