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C6/C7 Herniated disc- going for surgery

am sharing my story because it may help others. i was in the military
and got out in 2014. i always had the pain inside my shoulder blade and
never knew what it was. Army doctors told me i was overworking my
trapeziums muscle, so i trusted them. I was a crossfit enthusiast and
love lifting weights. i was doing bodybuilding shows and the started to
get worse and worse, but i kept ignoring it. this has been going on
since 2012-2013. i had gone to physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain
killer, cold/hot patches, anti-inflammatory shots, nothing helped my
pain. After having an MRI and x-rays, the PT found that i had c6/c7
herniated disc and this was the cause of my intolerable pain.
i do anything over my head or work on lateral raises, i am pretty much
straining my neck muscles, i am in excruciating pain for the next 4-7
days. i have to call out of work because i cant turn my head and i have
very limited mobility with my arms. i cant do my hair, put on my
clothes, or things alike. i also get headaches because the pain travels
all the way up to the right side of my head. My neck muscles get very
tense and tight. i have to ice all day and all night, so i can wake up
the next morning feeling a little better. right now, i cant turn my head
all the way to the right, up all the way or down because it hurts. the
pain also travels all the way down my tricep and stops at my elbow. from
time to time, i feel weakness in my head and numbness on my neck. 

i was diagnosed from an outside doctor, i decided to do one more
physical therapy to see if this would alleviate my pain but it only
aggravated it and they kept taking my money.  Nothing helped. i decided
to search for a surgeon and i found a doctor who specializes in
scoliosis and spine related issues. My surgery is scheduled for mid
August 2016 and i cant wait. ive lived in pain for the past 4-5 years
and its time i start living a normal life again. i am 27 years old, non
smoker, non drinker, and i hope my  recovery goes well. i will post to
update my recovery.  i really hope i can go back to being normal and
perform all the activities i once did without feeling pain and limited



  • LizLiz Posts: 9,694
    hello ahern89

    please click on the link for useful information


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  • Peter123PPeter123 Seoul, KoreaPosts: 18

    Sorry to hear. I have bulging disc at same level and I won't get into too much detail about symptoms. But I had same problem. Lateral raises and seated fly (machine) motions severely aggravated my disc. It took me a while to figure it out because I had no pain when exercising and issues didn't develop  until a day or 2 after.

    Do you have full shoulder mobility? I can't lift my shoulders straight above my head comfortably. I strain my levator scapular (sp?) muscles when I lift my arms above my head and I think that is what puts a lot of load in my spine. I don't think they are typically activated as much unless there are shoulder mobility problems.

    I hope your surgery goes well. I've been having bad symptoms since January with minimal improvements (up and down). But I am not making plans for surgery... yet...

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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,496


    Welcome to the Spine-Health forums.

    Do you know what is involved in your surgery?  Do you have any concerns about the surgery?

    I look forward to seeing how your recovery goes.


    Read my story at Bruce - My Story
    ACDF C4-C5-C6-C7, and getting better every day
    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

  • I just had that same surgery aug 4th I am glad I got it done I am posting my recovery results in the back and neck surgery forum .... this is me so far .

    I hope my experience might help others.. so far so good,,, and I plan to update over the next 6 months

    I have neck pain for 7-9 years.. chiropractic , ice and  anti inflammatory pills    kept me going until nov 2015   when my left hand went  numb every time I looked up ,then my right arm started going numb and constant pain on my right side of neck....

    First thing I did was find the surgeon with the best word of mouth  reputation ... I WAS scared to death to have surgery but I knew I needed it..

    c6-c7 fusion in through the front of neck  when I woke up I could tell it was more that the anesthesia that was making me feel good...... with the disk NOT pressing on the spinal cord I felt  good all of my arm feeling were back. with in 24 hours of surgery

    days 2-4  throat hurt the worst  taking   percaset  pain pill every 4 hours

    days 4-10   LOTS of changes..... (only  Vicodin pain pills at night to sleep)   both arms get weird tingling sensation's.   as front neck pain decreases back of neck increases ,,, it feels like spine is on fire between shoulder blades,, I'm very active ..driving,,, walking and doing small chores around the house...... I'm wearing a soft collar neck brace only at night It helps me sleep.

    So as of today 11 days after surgery ALL of my original symptom's are gone (yea!!!)  ,,,, but I have some new different pain in neck and some numbness  and my neck is stiffer ...I believe they will disappear over the next 3-6 months,,,,,, The burring feeling in my back that started 7 days after surgery is my most concerning ,,, but I've hear that can be normal  ,as of now I am very glad I got it done will post updates every couple weeks.

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