Hand pain without neck pain

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Hello!  Have any of you had hand pain without neck pain?  I have severe foraminal encroachment at C5-C6 and moderate at C6-C7.  We are hoping that is what is causing my thumb pain (mild), pinky ring finger pain and forearm pain.  My grip is weak. I posted earlier and had a lot of good responses regarding mild atrophy.  I appreciate the feedback!


  • Hi sunny! I did have that for years. They thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I didn't find out what was wrong until I had my MRI in Nov of last year.C6-7 broad disc herniation with facet disease the disc extends to the left lateral recess& left neural foramen with impingement on the left C6-C7 nerve roots.
    My other levels have issues too but this is the big one. I don't have weakness but I drop things all the time. Almost throw them. It's as if my arm jerks. My forearm pain is like something taking a burning scraper & just grinding it across my arms. I get shock like pain too but the scraping is by far the worst symptom for me.

    What's your pain like? What is your plan? Have you had the talk with you surgeon? :)
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    Thanks for the responses! I did have an EMG, but they only checked the thenar muscle where I thought there was atrophy.  They did do the EMG over my lower limb and spine and thankfully, it came back in normal limits.  Is the EMG different if they are looking for c-spine issues? 

    Joyful - I get the forearm sensation, but I have some mild atrophy.  I am definitely going to have to do PT.   I have an appointment with the spine surgeon two weeks from now. I am just trying to figure all this out and be sure this is what is causing my problems.

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    Nutcase - thanks for the response.  I meant I had an EMG done on my thenar muscle, but not up my arm - I was being tested for neuromuscular disease.  They tested my lower right leg, spine, larynx, thenar and I think deltoid... That is why I asked if the test was different as I was not being tested specifically for c-spine issues.  My "severe formaminal encroachment" was found on MRI.  I was just wanting clarification if the EMG is different for spinal issues - I am guessing they go up the arm or into the neck?
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