Surgery for c4-5-c5-6 cord compression/Spinal Stenosis

Hi there,

I wanted to know if anyone has
nerve pain with compression in there cervical spine.  I have arm nerve
pain and right leg pain?  Anyone have this and if you had the ACDF
surgery and if that nerve pain went away.  I am waiting for surgery and I
am experiencing nerve pain in my right leg and as well weakness in my
right arm and nerve pain.  I am taking hydromorphine and it does not
help much with nerve pain.  I am hesitant to take Lyrica which has been
prescribed to me today and I am scared to start all this medication.  Is
the surgery going to take this nerve pain I am feeling away?


  • GMelvinGGMelvin Cheshire, UKPosts: 1
    Hi Vita

    I'm awaiting ACDF (with some trepidation!!!). This was diagnosed after I started having 'electric shocks' down my right arm. I am taking Lyrica (75mg 2x daily) and all I can say is that it has given me complete relief. It takes 3 or 4 weeks to kick in but it has certainly helped me. I'll reserve judgement on the surgery - I'm due to have that some time in October.

    I personally haven't had any dreadful side effects from the Lyrica, other that some slight memory issues. On the other hand, my Mum was put on them and it sent her to planet Zod - but she was 88 and on all sorts of other stuff as well.

    I'd give them a go, you can always stop if they don't suit you

  • Surgery might help stop it from getting worse or make it go away.  How did things end up with you?
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