8 months post op deteriorating rapidly

Hi. This is about my dad. He is 62. He went undiagnosed for about 6 months before the docs found it was stenosis C5-7.
This time last year he was helping my brother frame up an extension for his house (but having shoulder pain looked into)
He walked into his first surgery in Jan this year with his cane, second surgery in April he was wheeled in in his chair. 
He has had a little improvement, but only short term. He is deteriorating rapidly. 
The paralysis/spasticity was on his left side, but is rapidly deteriorating through his right side. He can barely get up from a chair now, can't stand for more than a few minutes, his shuffling time (can't call it walking anymore) is getting slower and slower. He's also losing bowel function.
This man was a firefighter and builder. Now all he can do is sit in a chair. He is in pain constantly. I can't imagine what he's thinking, but he's a stubbornly proud man, to his detriment, and barely complains. He dreamt of travelling Australia in his 4WD with his fishing boat on the back. This looks to be impossible.
Mum is his full time carer, she won't be enjoying her retirement either. 
PT makes him feel better, probably the distraction and being busy for a while, but any exercise or exertion makes his symptoms worse. 
What happens when surgery doesn't work. Is there any hope for him? The doctors, specialists and surgeons do everything at a snails pace here. 
What happens when he just can't get out of his chair? The day will come very soon. 


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    hello cheras !
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    It is good you are having continuous follow up with your dad's doctors, specialists, etc....
    They are best to guide you as to progression of symptoms, ....what to expect, etc...

    You sound like a close family and your dad is lucky to have you looking out for his well being.
    It is also very good you are aware of your mom as sole or main caregiver.
    That is a very exhausting job. One needs to wear too many different hats.
    Is there any way you can have even part time help for your mom during this transition with your father's symptoms?

    Often times the social workers at the hospital can give guidance..and also social workers within your community can let you know of little services that may be available.

    Please keep us posted!
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    Thanks for reply.  Mum is the forgotten one here. I try help where I can, but these stubborn [edit] barely ask for help and usually say no they're if anyone offers!
    mum doesn't like to drive in the city so I help out there. I've been to some appointments. I do have kids and work full time. I wish I could do more. 
    Bad news is things are really bad, dad's mobility was declining rapidly and he had a few near falls which scared him, but good news is he decided to go to ER on his own, we didn't have to force him, so he's now receiving 'treatment' (barrage of more tests) as an inpatient of the hospital. Hopefully the neuro's can find out what's causing the deterioration

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    Try to keep moving. Walk in a pool. Yoga, stretching. 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Reminder...exercises that are effective for one can be harmful to another.
    Please check with doctor first as he is best aware of overall wellbeing.
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  • How is he doing?  Get him on these forums so he can ask questions.....sounds like he has major compression if he is losing bowel control.   Be careful with excel uses and only follow the course of action recommended by a pt who actually has experience with fusions and spinal stuff.   My walking got better after I had fusion from c4-c7.  Now it is getting worse though so might have compassion again....just FYI to stay on top of it as nerve damage is sometimes never reversible. 
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