Left side of neck and left shoulder pain

Hey guys about 2 weeks ago I started to get off balance. I went to doctor and they put me in blood pressure meds cause my bp was alil high. Also they gave me muscle relaxers. I'm currently still feeling off balance when I walk and even sometimes when I turn my head. It's stressing me out. Would love some feedback. Thanks! 


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    hello cbrazier2484 !
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Curious...what did your doctor say about your left side of neck and left shoulder pain?
    If doctor thinks you being off balance may be due to high blood pressure, it may take more than 2weeks of medication before you feel relief.

    Please continue your follow up with doctor's care.
    It can take time to discover and resolve an issue.
    The off balance and pain can be for many different reasons, so good communication with Doctor so very important.

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  • rhia5781rhia5781 Tennessee Posts: 11
    I know this might sound stupid,  but did they check your ears? I know that inner ear issues can throw off balance.  If they did then no worries there. Might wanna have an mri done or a CT scan done of your cervical spine if it continues and there are no inner ear issues. Also high blood pressure can cause vertigo and throw you off balance too and it would take a good 2-4 weeks for the medication to take full effect.
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