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Hip pinching, thigh tingling and knee pressure

Hi. I was recently in the ER after a golf incident. I bent over incorrectly and herd an internal pop in my lower back. By the time I got home I was in debilitating pain. Couldn't lie and wanted to stretch hip underneath myself to control pain. 

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Larger bulge in L4 L5, smaller bulges in disc above and below. With some degeneration in the facet joints. 

I suffered through the pain and am now doing PT and decompression therapy. After 5 weeks I am now able to walk again and made it around the block last night. But I have minor pinching pain in outside of my hip, tingling in the front of my thigh and my knee at times of when I'm standing seem like it was sprained badly. The pathology doesn't match the discs that have been identified. 

I'm thinking either way I'm on the right track and now know what I have to confront it head on with every possible conservative measure. First Dr said try PT and conservative measures but the second said surgery now, or try PT for 6 weeks and then we will schedule surgery. 

If I'm improving 5 weeks out from injury, why would I have surgery. Should I treat this as a blessing in disguise? Being that I now know my condition and can change lifestyle activities to manage it? And keep following the path of the conservative measures. Or, should I be looking into surgery cause I'm chasing an impossible recovery from this.

Background. 36 yo veteran with a very active lifestyle. Never had back problems till taking a desk job. Developed anterior pelvic tilt last few years and never cared about posture till now. 

Any advice or success stories of those living with lumbar spinal stenosis who opted to avoid surgery?



  • I missued that my knee feels a little numb but getting better after PT and Decompression Therapy.
  • So I'm not chasing false hopes. 

     I understand there's a time for surgery. My heart goes out to all those suffering in pain having surgeries. Reading some stories literally bring me to tears and scares the life out of me. 

    I just hope there's a way. Hard work and good discipline with the proper chiropractic and decompression maintenance.  A total lifestyle change. Maybe there's someone on here who fought, did it, and reached back to all those suffering as a way to say it's possible. If I make it, that's what I'm doing. Something supportive. I have to after reading some of the stories on here. 
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