My mothers back pain

Feeling low & helpless about my
mother.In 2006 she had a stenosis decompression op -l4-l5 very successful she was pain free until 2014 getting worse as she is older had waited for the nhs help this time and it took so long she tried 2 injections not worked offering an op again now only thing is she feels too weak to have this now .
we have an assesment to attend but...
she is 81 next month looks 60ish but this pain is now so bad for her she cannot stand at all much for long and is in depression if you imagine until 2010 she drove she gardened she decorated very fit and now nothing she feels life's over.
I am sad as only have her and just don't be know should she face this op again???
So sad so worried any ideas on pain relief would be great go offers little pain patches as she type 2 diabetic any help would be lovely ..
thanks for listening feel so sad youngsters face this problem.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
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    hello dene !
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Just curious...what kind of doctor is working with your mother?....pain management/spine specialist?
    A PM doctor would prove very useful in helping with decision making, re surgery, and also would be able to manage her pain, keeping it under control and your mother most comfortable.

    My primary doctor tried to manage my pain for two years before referring me to pain management.
    Best thing for me!

    Also, it is common for depression to accompany chronic pain, esp if left unmanaged.
    But that is not to say it is to be accepted as normal.
    Has your mother seen a psychiatrist?

    I referred myself to psychiatrist and I continue to take anti depressants and anti anxiety meds as I feel most emotionally stable and do not want to change what seems to be so effective.
    I also did some talk therapy as it is good to share what most people in our lives find unbelievable pain.
    In fact, if I wasn't experiencing it, not sure how much I'd believe.

    re activities...transitions are never easy. For limited mobility due to pain and or age...ex...gardening can be brought up to table height...?...pots...?
    And maybe activities she has not yet thought of.

    Being so creative, it often happens, with pain being under control, along with depression under control,  creative juices start to flow and often in new and accommodating ways.

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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340
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    I'm sorry that your mother is going through this. I can't imagine waiting like that or feeling too weak to have the surgery.  Could the surgery reverse that weakness?

    Good luck to you and your mother.

  • DeneDDene LondonPosts: 2
    Thank you for your support. Yes in London the gps are too busy.
    Gp is ok just does nothing I feel she thinks oh well yr mother is old what do you expect.
    I wish we could go private again but just costs too much now for us . To get that treatment in 2006 she paid £8k on total.
    Its hard for me to watch,
    I will take on board yr suggestions Savage&Btuce.thanks
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