anyone else- brain tumor fear?

has anyone else been afraid that their cervical symptoms were caused by a brain tumor? i can't seem to shake this fear and am afraid of finding out from an actual ortho/neuro whats wrong with my neck. symptoms for over a year now but i still cannot get over that i might die of a brain tumor.... if anyone else has experienced this or similar fears bc of neck symptoms i'd love to hear some stories


  • jillh10jjillh10 VermontPosts: 20
    Have you had an MRI?  I certainly was worried about the possibility of a tumor before my MRI but I was relieved (kinda) to see it was a bulging disc issue.  

    It is very hard but try to focus on the positive.  Know that chronic pain can cause depression and - something I do all the time - catastrophizing or always thinking of the worst case scenario.

    Hang in there!
  • If you had a brain tumor you'd be having seizures and vision problems. Talk to your doctor about your fears and you will feel much better. I know what it's like to worry that your problems are very serious illnesses. Please talk to your doctor and let him or her explain things to you.
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  • rhia5781rhia5781 Tennessee Posts: 11
    I have that exact fear! Had my mri today and saw that the top of my cervical spine is swollen and there is  a spot there that the neurologist  has no idea what it is.  Now have to get a spinal tap and  a mri of my head. I'm so scared. Naturally I think the worst case scenario. 
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